Answer: The Gross Margin and Low Gross for items in Solid Route Accounting™ – Enterprise Edition are controlled in Solid Business Central™ at the Department Record level, located at [Datafile / Department / View]. When viewing or editing a department record, the values held in the 'GM' (Gross Margin) and 'LG' (Low Gross) fields determine what the recommended prices for the wholesale price will be. The percent value entered in the GM field will automatically calculate and suggest or apply, depending on the company configuration settings, a wholesale price for items as they are being purchased and received. The LG, Low Gross, percentage sets the lowest wholesale price that the system can allow an item to be sold for. This low gross price is only effective while making invoices in the [Sales] screen of Solid Business Central™ though, and does not extend into Solid Sales Pro™.

If it's necessary to control the price that any item can be sold for within Solid Sales Pro™, the best method of doing so is to disable the mobile unit record's ability to edit wholesale prices. This will prevent them from selling an item for anything other than what's predetermined. The second step is to control pricing with a Special Price List. Special Price Lists can be set up in Solid Business Central™ at [Datafile / Inventory / Special Lists], and are a great way to control what items are sold to which customers at what prices.

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