Answer: Accurate and on time customer statements and accounts receivable reporting is crucial for any business to recuperate outstanding customer balances. Solid Route Accounting™ – Enterprise Edition assists with this by allowing our clients to print up to date accounts receivable reports as often as they'd like. The accounts receivable reports available in Solid Business Central™ are the Aged report, the Aged Detail report, and the Aged-14 report.

The Aged report can be printed from Solid Business Central™ at [Datafile / Customer / Report / Aged], and includes outstanding customer balances for the current month, the past three months, and the remainder in a fifth column. Each customer with a balance is included on this report, along with their customer number and phone number for quick reference. Totals are given beneath each column, as well as the percentage that it makes up of the total outstanding amount.

Aged Report

The Aged Detail report can be printed at [Datafile / Customer / Report / Aged Detail], and expands upon the information that the Aged report provides by listing every transaction that makes up the outstanding balance. Once again, customer numbers and phone numbers are listed for quick reference. Each customer is subtotalled and a grand total, along with the make-up percentage, is printed at the end.

Aged Detail Report

The Aged-14 report, which can be printed from [Datafile / Customer / Report / Aged-14], is very similar to the Aged report, however instead of reporting on 30 day periods, it reports on 14 day intervals. Customer number, name, and phone number are once again given for quick reference. The reporting columns are divided into 'Balance' and 'Credit Balance' totals, as well as 0 to 14 days, 15 to 28 days, 29 to 42 days, and 43 days and over. Totals are once again along the bottom, along with percentage make-up for each column total.

Aged-14 Report

The aged reports available in Solid Business Central™ are excellent for giving an overview of customer accounts. For account reconciliation though, Customer Statements should be printed and mailed to clients instead, since they print for each individual customer, instead of all being included on the same report.

Solid business central

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