Answer: Although not included as part of the standard Solid Route Accounting™ – Enterprise Edition business system, the optional Approved Product List (APL) license enhances the included Special Price List to control the sale of items to specific customers. With an APL, Customers belonging to a Special Price List can only buy items that belong to that same Special Price List. This allows our clients to fully control what can be sold to whom at which price. For more information on this advantageous feature, including pricing, please contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist for further information.

  1. To use an APL, first create a Special Price List in Solid Business Central at [Datafile / Inventory / Special List].
  2. Once the details of the Special Price List have been added, a field called 'Approved Product List' will be available for those licensed for APL on the 'View Special Price List' screen. Use [F2 - Edit] to make changes to this record and changed this 'Approved Product List' field to 'Y-Yes' to make it an APL.
  3. The other field in the 'Approved Product List' menu is 'Allow Override'. By default, in Solid Business Central™'s 'Sales' screen, if an employee is creating an invoice for a customer belonging to an APL, and they try to add an item that does not belong to that same APL, a warning will inform them that the item cannot be added. By setting the 'Allow Override' field to 'Y-Yes', the user can override this warning message and add the item to the invoice anyhow.
  4. Once the APL settings are in place, use [CTRL+END] to save this Special Price List now as an Approved Product List.

Just like the above 'Allow Override' setting for Solid Business Central™, the handheld computers can also be set to allow route sales people to override a non-APL item if needed.

  1. To set this, navigate in Solid Business Central to [Datafile / Cost Center / Mobile] and view the desired mobile unit record.
  2. Use [F2 - Edit] to make changes to this record, change the 'Allow APL Override' field to 'Y-Yes', and save this change with [CTRL+END]. When set to Yes, this feature allows the route sales people to be able to manually add non-APL items to an APL customer's invoice. However, if this field is set to No, then only items that belong to the APL that the customer's also assigned to will be available for sale.
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