Answer: In many cases, when a client needs to print a sales report from Solid Business Central, the 'Sales 2 Report' is the solution. The Sales 2 Report is found at [Datafile / Customer / Report / Sales 2], and allows reports to be printed by the following options:

  • Single customer or range of customers
  • Date Range
  • Print item details
  • Print Cost and Retail prices of items
  • Print sales to customers for MultiVendor invoices
  • Group by sales of products belonging to a specific supplier
  • Group by sales of products belonging to a specific or all departments
  • Group by sales of products by individual or all inventory items

Additional printing options for this report include:

  • Print Customer Sales Report – This option will print out a detailed report, specific to the options set above, that will report on what customer purchased how much or each item, over the specified date range.
  • Print Report Summary – This will print a listing of all records belonging to the selected 'Group by' option selected above. This summary includes total quantity and average total wholesale of all inventory items sold for each listed record.
  • Print Zero Qty's on Summary – If no sales were made for a record being included on the above Report Summary, this option will include that record anyhow to indicate that there were no sales made.

This report is used by many Solid Route Accounting – Enterprise Edition clients to keep track of their overall or specific sales to customers, provide customers with information regarding product purchased from their business, as well as monitor product returns, and report back to their suppliers on product movement. This versatile and easy to access report is a valuable asset to any Enterprise Edition client, and with a bit of experimentation and careful thought, it can prove to be the most used report available in the business system.

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