Answer: Allowing returns to be applied against the current invoice is not a default setting for Solid Route Accounting™ business systems. However, this setting is often enabled during the creation of mobile unit records. When enabled, to accept a return as a credit, simply enter the quantity of product returned as a negative quantity. That amount will then be applied against the current transaction, and transferred into the route sales person's mobile cost center.

If the message, "Credit Amounts cannot be entered", shows when entering a negative quantity for a return, the option for accepting credits has not been enabled for this mobile unit record. To verify that the 'Credits' option has been enabled for mobile unit records within the Solid Route Accounting business system, please follow the steps below.

Solid Business Central™:

To verify the credits setting in Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Datafile / Cost Center / Mobile], and find the mobile unit record that you would like to enable credits for. Verify that the 'Credits' field is set to 'Yes'. If not, then while viewing the record, use the [F2 -Edit] button to make the record editable, and change the 'Credits' field within the Mobile Unit Options area to 'Y-Yes. Save the record with [CTRL+END], and sync that mobile unit record's handheld computer for the change to take effect.


The credits setting in can be found at [Mobiles]. Choose the desired mobile unit record from the list at the top of the screen, click on [Edit], and place a checkmark in the 'Can create Credits' field. Use the [Save] button to save this change, and then sync the handheld computer that is associated with this mobile unit record to apply this change to Solid Sales Pro™.

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