The Stop Analysis Report is one of the most important reports available to Solid Route Accounting companies. It allows supervisors to have a bird's eye view of their route sales people's work including at what times they make their stops, the customers they visit, when that customer was last visited, how much the invoice was created for, and also very important, which customers were missed. This report can be printed for any route, cost center, or time period, making this valuable report a great weapon in a company's efficiency arsenal.

To print the Stop Analysis Report:

  1. In Solid Business Central™, after the handheld computers have synced, navigate to [Accounting / Report / Stop Analysis]. Here there are two options of [Route Group] (Customer Route Group or CRG) and [Cost Center] (Mobile Unit Number). Select one of these two options to continue.
  2. Next select whether to print on '[All]' records for the selected type or use '[Range]' to drill down on specific records (if using [Range], use [CTRL+END] after entering the range to continue).
  3. The 'DATE' range for this report to cover can then be set in the 'Start' and 'End' date fields, and lastly the various 'Report Options' to the right can be enabled by setting them to 'Y-Yes' or disabled by setting them to 'N-No'.
    1. Admin Entries: Includes entries created by system administrators into the Visited Customers Report.
    2. Visited Customers: Will print out the Visited Customer Report that includes all customers that were visited for that period by either Route Group or Cost Center (see sample below).
    3. Missed Customers: Will print out the report of all customers that were not visited by that Route Group or Cost Center (see sample below).
    4. Sales Analysis: Will add a summary for each customer visited by that Route Group or Cost Center that includes total sales and GM% to the Visited Customers Report.
    5. Sales Detail: Will add to the Visited Customers Report by including the invoice numbers created for customer, as well as bill total, taxes, and discounts.
    6. Report Summary: Will print a summary based on the Visited Customers Report, regardless of whether it was printed or not.
Stop Analysis Report:
Visited Customers Report with All Options Stop Analysis Report

Stop Analysis Report:
Missed Customers Report

Stop Analysis Missed Customer

Stop Analysis Report:
Report Summary

Stop Analysis CRG Summary

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