The Cash-Out Report generated from within Solid Sales Pro™ is intended to report on all invoices, credits and payments created at the end of a work period (day or trip).

After each day of work, establishing a day-end procedure will help reconcile the work done for that period and help to safeguard that work from being lost or tampered with. By printing out the Cash-Out Report and syncing the mobile, the proper reporting will be generated. The mobile's transactions will be saved permanently into the Solid Route Accounting™ business system.

Note: Regardless of whether the cash-out is completed, the transactions will still be saved to the management console.

Note: In the case where voiding of transactions has been enabled, only cashed out transactions are exported to the ERP system; if not, all transactions are exported regardless of cash-out status. For more information, see Article #304 How to Enable Voiding of Transactions.

Generating the Cash Out Report from In Solid Sales Pro™

  1. On the 0000 Main Menu inside Solid Sales Pro™, select [Day/Trip End]. The 3100 Cash Out screen will list all the transactions they created since the last cash out.
    3100 Cashout Screen

  2. Using [Finalize], Solid Sales Pro™ will sync the data to the cloud and then display the 3110 Cash Out View screen from where you can print or email the cash-out report by tapping on [Print].

    Note: This report contains financial information; it can only be emailed to the "Cashout Email Address" defined in the Settings.
    3110 Cashout View Screen

Viewing and Reprint Cash Out Reports

  1. From Solid Sales Pro™:
    1. To view or re-print previous Cash-Out Reports, tap the [List] button on the 3100 Cash Out screen
  2. From
    1. Navigate to [Transactions / Cash Out]
    2. Select the desired Cash Out Report
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