Have you noticed that you cannot complete a day's work because the battery of your mobile has been depleted?

Many new modern devices, such as mobile phones and mobile computers, are coming out with new features such as larger screens, barcode scanners and various radios, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular. However, this does impact battery life.

Here are a few possible approaches to help improve your mobile device's battery life:

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi: turn on the Wi-Fi radio only when needed; this will conserve battery power.
  2. Hardware Settings: Often, and especially for mobile computers, there are quite a few power-saving options available, such as:
    1. Backlight: If the screen is illuminated (backlit), either turn down the intensity of the light or turn it off altogether when it's not needed, such as in well-lit environments.
    2. Power Saving Mode: let your mobile go into power-saving mode when not in use, such as when you travel between customers.
    3. System Sound: Reduce or turn off system sounds
  3. Top up the battery: whenever possible, top up the battery charge; this will make them last longer. Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries can be topped up without incurring the memory effect of older batteries, such as NiCad batteries. Please see Article #55 Rechargeable Battery Cycle Life and Aging for more information.
  4. Charge on the Go: many clients need to have charging capability during their travels and have considered a vehicle charging adapter available from our Online Store.
  5. Extended Life Battery: you could replace the standard battery with an extended life battery to virtually double the battery's life. Check our Online Store for availability.

Generally speaking, rechargeable batteries last anywhere from 2-4 years, depending on use and battery type. If a battery isn't holding a charge for very long anymore, or the hardware is not behaving correctly, it could be that the batteries need replacement.


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