Description: When adding inventory to an invoice by way of barcode scanning, if the barcode number scanned does not match that of any barcode in Solid Sales Pro's inventory list, the message, "Matching Barcode Does Not Exist", will display on the screen.

Resolution: The barcode number that was scanned should show in the Barcode field on the Solid Sales Pro screen. Compare this number to the barcode number on the product itself to verify that it's correct. If the number is incorrect, it could be that the barcode on the product is damaged, obscured or scanned in incorrectly.

If the barcode number matches, then use the Add button on the 1130 Selected Items screen, and find this item in the 1131 Add Items inventory list. Select that item, and use the Details button to verify that the barcode number on the product matches the barcode number in the inventory record's details. If the numbers are different, or if there is no barcode number attached to this inventory item at all, please notify your administration staff so that the correct barcode number for this item can be entered in.

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