Answer: There's no question that handheld computers make short work of tedious tasks, however as time progresses, the batteries within them start to get tired, and after months of dutiful use, they need to be replaced. The task now is how to change these batteries without doing damage to the Solid Route Accounting™ data. The replacement batteries for most supported handheld computers can be purchased through our Solid Store.

  1. The first step is to ensure the handheld computer has completed its day/period-end procedures. This includes:
    1. Print the Close Cash Out report
    2. Sync the transactions back to the Solid Route Accounting™ business system.
  2. The battery can now be safely replaced without risk of Solid Route Accounting™ data loss, although this does not guarantee the safety of third-party software installed on the handheld computer other than our own.
  3. After the new battery has been installed and charged, if Solid Sales Pro™ is no longer on the handheld computer, this mobile unit will need to be treated as a brand new handheld computer to get it initialized into the Solid Route Accounting™ system.

Once Solid Sales Pro™ is back on the handheld computer, it's now ready to resume making sales.


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