Answer: This question requires a bit of clarification as to what 'Removed' means. The ideal solution to this problem is if the transaction has not yet been fully populated, simply change the 'Item Code' of the unwanted item to that of the next item being added to the transaction. This will replace the old item with the new item and then allow the rest of the transaction to be finished before saving.

If the transaction is fully populated already (but not yet saved), an item can be removed from a transaction by changing its 'Qty' field to '0' (zero). Although still visible on the screen, any items set to zero quantity will be excluded from the printout, when the transaction prints. The extension to that, though, is that although these zero quantity items will not show when the transaction is printed or reprinted, they will, however, be saved to that transaction's record within Solid Route Accounting™.

So for the second solution, for any additional work involving this transaction, such as reversing it or reviewing it on-screen, those zero quantity items will still be shown as part of that transaction's record. How to do either of these solutions is as follows and can only be done for a transaction in progress since saved transactions cannot be modified in Solid Route Accounting™:

  1. While creating an invoice or other transaction in Solid Business Central™, the [Up Arrow] on the keyboard moves up the list to the previously added item that needs to be removed.
  2. To change the item, modify the following field:
    1. To replace this item with one that needs to be included in this transaction, delete the contents of the 'Item Code' field and replace it with the next item. Then, fill in the rest of the information just as any other item added to this transaction.
    2. To remove this item from printing when this transaction is saved, use the [Right Arrow] key to move beyond the end of the 'Item Code' field, and the cursor will move automatically to the 'Qty' field, where the quantity can be changed to '0' (zero).
  3. Use the [Down Arrow] or [Tab] key to move back down through the list of added items to return to the end of the list where the transaction's item population can then resume, or use [CTRL+END] to save the transaction immediately after the change is made.

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