Although Solid encourages Inventory Management to all our clients as the benefits have been seen time and time again, we also recognize that not all companies are yet ready to begin managing their inventory. For these companies, inventory quantities can get in the way of maintaining the inventory database since items can not easily be deleted. In addition, as sales continue to be made, the inaccurate inventory quantities keep growing, which makes it more challenging to begin Inventory Management at a later time. Thankfully though, by changing the Department Records in Solid Business Central™ to be Labour-type departments, items can easily be deleted as needed, without concern for inventory levels. Then, when ready to begin with proper Inventory Management, they can be changed back to Item type Department Records.

NOTE: All sales, purchasing, and any actions that affect inventory levels in Solid Route Accounting™ should be halted until this process of changing the Department Records to Labour type is complete to ensure the process is completed successfully!

  1. It may have been noticed that to delete an Inventory Record, that record must first have zero quantity on hand in all cost centers within the Solid Route Accounting™ business system. For companies that don't practice Inventory Management, this makes deleting an Inventory Record a bit of a job since they must first perform a zero count for this item for all cost centers before the record can be deleted. Whereas with a regular company that has Inventory Management in place, when the item's sold out, the quantities are already at zero. Because of this, the first step in this process is to completely zero out the current inventory in all cost centers within the business system. This way, when we change the Department Records over to Labour type, all items will be at zero quantity, making them easy to delete if needed. For information on how to zero out and write off the inventory in cost centers, please read Article #148 How to Zero Out or Completely Write Off a Cost Center / Warehouse?
  2. Before going forward, please verify that from following the linked article above, that this business system's inventory has been entirely written off by navigating in Solid Business Central™ to [Datafile / Cost Center / View]. Using [Page Up] and [Page Down], verify that the 'Inventory Value' is at '0.00' for all cost centers. Once that has been confirmed, we're now ready to set the Department Records to be Labour type.
  3. In Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Datafile / Department / View]. As with other parts of the business system, consecutive records can be viewed by using [Page Up] and [Page Down].
  4. Display a record whose 'Type' field is set to 'I - Items (Regular) Dept.' and use [F2 - Edit] to make changes to this record. Change the 'Type' to 'L - Labour/Service Dept.' and use [CTRL+END] to save this change. Use [Page Up] or [Page Down] to display the next record in need of change, and repeat this step.

Sync all the handheld computers for this change to be sent to the handheld computers and resume regular operations. From this point forward, Inventory Records can be deleted at will, whenever the need should arise, without having the added work of zeroing out their quantities first.

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