Answer: As Customer Orders are entered into the Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition business system, tracking how much stock is needed to fulfill those orders can become a tedious and confusing task. However, thanks to the Auto Stock Transfer feature in Solid Business Central™, the system will do all the calculations for you to ensure the correct amount of product is transferred onto the delivery truck. This will save the company time and reduce the likelihood of calculation mistakes or items being missed.

To take advantage of this powerful feature:

  1. In Solid Business Central™, before running the 'Auto Stock Transfer', all Customer Orders to be fulfilled for that next work period need to be assigned to the delivery truck's Mobile Unit Record. This can be done at [Sales / Pre-Sell].
  2. After the Customer Orders have been assigned, but before the handheld computer is synced, navigate to [Buying] and [Buying] once again if a second menu level opens up, to arrive at the 'Buying' screen.
  3. Press the [Escape] key and answer 'Y-Yes' to the following two questions of 'Cancel this Transaction?' and 'Cancel Ordering?'. This will change the menu along the bottom to be the 'Ordering Services Menu'.
  4. From this menu, use [F4 - Make] to bring up the 'Make Menu'. Select [Stock Orders] and then enter the Mobile Unit number to create the Auto Stock Transfer for.
  5. Following this, select [Automatic] to compile the Auto Stock Transfer. The [Browse] button can be used to view the Auto Stock Transfer on screen and select [Paper] to bring it back to the 'Buying' screen, where it will be compiled as a Stock Transfer.
  6. Once it's loaded into the 'Buying' screen, the Stock Transfer can now be reviewed, and changes can be made to the order as needed. When everything's set, use [CTRL+END] to save and print this Stock Transfer, and those quantities will now be transferred to the route sales person's truck on their next sync.
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