Answer: Although many variables are involved in answering this question with any degree of certainty, handheld computers and printers that operate on batteries should generally last for a full day of work. Each type of battery-operated hardware such as these will come with its specifications regarding battery type, the amount of charge each battery can hold, and recommended amount of use per charge. For further information regarding a hardware's battery capabilities and statistics, please refer to the information provided with the hardware purchase, check their website for details, or call their support line for further details.

In terms of what a user can do to improve the battery life of their hardware units, there are often quite a few options to consider:

  1. Hardware Settings: Often, and especially for handheld computers, there are quite a few power-saving options available.
    1. If the screen is illuminated (backlit), either turn down the intensity of the light or turn it off altogether when it's not needed, such as in well-lit environments.
    2. Increase how quickly the hardware enters 'sleep mode' when not being used.
    3. Reduce or turn off system sounds.
  2. Larger Capacity or Spare Batteries: Spare batteries, and sometimes larger batteries, are available for purchase to get more hours out of the hardware before needing a charge.
  3. Charge on the Go: Vehicle chargers allow the hardware to be charged while driving to the next stop. A power inverter will do the same thing, which allows the standard A/C charging cables to be used while on the road.
  4. Replace Old Batteries: Generally speaking, rechargeable batteries last anywhere from 2-4 years, depending on use and battery type. If a battery isn't holding a charge for very long anymore, or the hardware is not behaving correctly, it could be that the batteries need replacement.

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