Answer: After each day of work, establishing a day-end procedure will help reconcile the work done for that period and help safeguard that work from being lost or tampered with. The proper reporting will be generated by printing the 'Cash Out Report' and syncing the handheld computer. The handheld computer's transactions will be saved permanently into the Solid Route Accounting™ business system. Each Solid Route Accounting™ business system has some variation and elaboration on this basic day-end procedure, so please review the specific steps below for the business system being used.

The first step in the day-end procedure for route salespeople is to print their Cash Out Report from Solid Sales Pro™:

  1. From the Main Menu inside Solid Sales Pro™, tap [Day/Trip End].
  2. The 3100 Cashout screen will list all the transactions they created throughout the day.
  3. Using the [Finalize] button, the Cash Out Report will be finalized and displayed on the 3110 Cashout View screen. If the option 'Print Depletion Report After Cashout' has been enabled, a Depletion Report is displayed at the end of the Cashout Report.
  4. Tap on [Print] or [Email] to print or email the Cash Out Report.
  5. Following this, if any damaged or expired goods were accepted as returns, Solid Sales Pro™ will create a Stock Transfer to send those items automatically to this mobile unit record's 'Damaged Return Warehouse' cost center.
  6. The next step in the day-end procedure is to sync the handheld computer to bring all those transactions into Solid Route Accounting™.
  7. After the handheld computer has synced successfully, the route salesperson should make sure they can log back into Solid Sales Pro™ to ensure they're ready to make sales the next day.

Report Samples:

Cashout Report
Cashout Report
Depletion Report
Depletion Report
Solid sales pro

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