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Supply and demand for grocery stores across North America (USA and Canada) have been very turbulent over the past two years. Due largely in part to COVID-19, demand has fluctuated with communities making mad rushes to grocery stores to clean out items like paper goods, fresh produce, eggs, and dried goods, to declines in grocery store purchases due to popular food delivery apps. However, as we enter 2023, we predict stabilization, but grocery stores are also prepared for dramatic changes due to the previous climate. 

Now more than ever, it is critical to be able to receive goods and stock shelves while managing inventory. When you invest with Solid Innovation in mobile POS software for grocery delivery organizations, you can maintain these critical relationships that will enable your business to flourish in the years to come. 

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When grocery stores are unable to have certain products delivered to the shelves in time for specific sales or key holidays, not only can this impact your bottom line, but this can give your customers a reason to shop elsewhere and switch their loyalty over to another grocer that has better stock available. 

You and your team work hard to avoid situations like this. You likely put a lot of effort and dollars into inventory forecasts while carefully designing your supply chain according to your data. However, regardless of your approach, it is paramount to consider how products and transportation guidelines could derail your supply chain. 

Here is an example: raspberries and meat are time and temperature sensitive and require cold transportation. Usually, these refrigerated trucks head from a distribution center to your store, but what if the truck’s cooling unit breaks down and requires an emergency repair, or congested traffic delay’s the truck’s estimated arrival time? Once the truck is back on track, do you think your chances are great that the shipment will arrive on the same day or even that week? The odds will be against you. Seasonal items can surge unexpectedly and add another layer of complication to your inventory management plan. Without the right technology and plan in place, these surges can bend your supply chain to a breaking point. Working together, direct store delivery (DSD) programs and mobile POS software can offer big solutions to this challenge. When you partner with Solid Innovation, you will always have a safety net in place and cutting-edge technology to improve supply chain management and all the other critical tasks that revolve around direct store delivery. 

Mobile POS Software Empowers Regional Sales Reps

Many grocers, especially those niche operations that sell their farm-raised goods and produce to restaurants, hospitality businesses, and government-run organizations, often rely heavily on their field reps and traveling sales teams to place orders on the spot and collect immediate payment. When businesses use mobile payment ordering, they yield a significantly higher cash flow and higher profits, increase their repeat customer base and save time and money by reducing the need for additional labor. 

With Solid Innovation providing you with the best mobile POS software to meet your specific needs, your sales reps will be able to manage inventory, create invoices, track labor, goods, and process payments utilizing cheques, cash, or credit cards directly to their Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, executive teams and in-office management teams can track their sales reps in real-time, knowing their location and daily activities, and get sales figures as they are processed, saving your business a great degree of time and money while freeing up in-office hours to focus on other critical matters, as the mobile POS system will collect, track and process all of the critical data that human workforces would otherwise have to deal with. Finally, the best mobile POS software enables sales reps to spend more time with customers and strengthen relationships to ensure steady repeat business for years to come.  

How to Transform Field Sales with Mobile POS Technology by Solid Innovation

Whether they work for large grocery chains or single grocery specialty stores, sales teams face unique challenges in today’s era. First, they are expected to perform several tasks out in the field and remain productive while sticking to strict deadlines. When sales reps are put in positions to manually perform their tasks, they are prone to creating more errors, including data entry errors that can have costly consequences to the bottom line. To further complicate things, the tasks these individuals are expected to complete are very complex, especially when multiple back-end systems require constant updates with all the pertinent detailed information to ensure maximum company-wide accuracy. Solid Innovation has the best tech solutions to these challenges that provide individuals with accurate inventory listings, delivery times, customer data, and where field reps are with specific customers at any given time. 

Let’s set the subject of increased errors to the side and redirect our focus to productivity reduction: grocery chains face a plethora of other risks from sales-related activities that include shipment delays and lost orders as well as long delivery times are typically caused by missing information or having client data accidentally assigned to the wrong customer account. Inaccurate inventory counts can also lead to serious issues, as can the abuse of salespeople’s time. Finally, when inaccurate payments are made and accepted, trying to find the most basic answers to simple questions associated with billing, inventory counts, and shipment statuses can cause massive interruptions and financial losses and promote an unprofessional look in front of one’s numerous customers with active and ongoing accounts. 


Solid Innovation best mobile pos software and solutions

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