Premier Patio Heating Specialists use Solid Innovation's route accounting solution to streamline their business operations in Southern California.

Prince Albert, Canada - May 18, 2004 - Solid Innovation®, Inc., a leading provider of integrated route distribution, sales force automation, and integrated back-office accounting solutions to the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and wholesale distribution industry, today announced that Premier Patio Heating Specialists, a low-cost patio heater leasing, service, and cylinder exchange company, has successfully implemented Solid Route Accounting™ - Integration Edition to automate and speed its route delivery process. Premier Patio is using Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition to proactively manage its mobile route accounting system by automating time-consuming, manual processes and streamlining back-office billing and invoicing functions.

Ed Essey, owner of Premier Patio Heating Specialists, said, "As a rapidly growing service company, we reached the conclusion early on that it was becoming very unproductive - almost impossible - to manage our route delivery and back-office accounting functions as manual processes. By automating our delivery and accounting systems, Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition has enabled us to boost the productivity of our delivery drivers and accounting staff, improve customer service levels, minimize invoice errors, and focus more time on expanding our business into the Los Angeles and Orange County, California markets."

Premier Patio's implementation of Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition includes user licenses and support for their delivery drivers and accounting staff. Each day, drivers manage their route accounting and invoicing functions on-the-road with handheld computer devices. Once the route is complete, the drivers reconcile their transactions by placing their handheld into a cradle unit and pushing a button to synchronize with their QuickBooks® accounting system. This seamless integration eliminates the 2-3 hours a day previously required of Premier Patio's back-office staff to manually input the day's transactions and bill for services rendered, freeing them to focus more time and energy on other business-building responsibilities.

Solid Innovation CEO, Craig Fisher, said, "Premier Patio Heating Specialists is a forward-thinking company that understands the important role that technology plays in managing and growing a business. We are extremely excited by Premier Patio's implementation of Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition and believe that this will significantly enhance their business operations and better position the company to realize its expansion plans in Southern California."

About Premier Patio Heating Specialists
Headquartered in Escondido, California, Premier Patio Heating Specialists has been meeting the outdoor heating needs of many of Southern California's most popular restaurants, hotels and outdoor venues since 1993. The company offers low-cost patio heater leasing, service, and cylinder exchange programs designed to help our customers expand seating capacity, improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, enhance ambiance, and streamline operations. For more information, please contact Premier Patio at (888) 432-9102 or via e-mail at

About Solid Innovation, Inc.
Solid Innovation, Inc., formerly known as PalmX Route Accounting, is a leading provider of integrated route distribution, sales force automation, and integrated back- office accounting solutions for the supply chain distribution industry, including candy, tobacco, food service, convenience store supply, and others. Since 1986, Solid Innovation has combined its industry and product expertise to innovate and deliver high-quality DSD route accounting solutions. In 1999, Solid Innovation introduced Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition, its 3rd generation mobile and office business system, specifically designed to speed route sales staff through their workday while providing accurate pricing, transaction, accounting, and inventory control. In 2002, Solid Innovation made Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition available for integration to other accounting systems. For more information, visit or call (888) 667-3769.

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