Si Speedy Invoice integrates QuickBooks with handheld Palm OS devices to offer distributors and mobile sales operators a simplified, easy-to-use automated invoicing system.

Solid Innovation, Inc. (, a leading provider of mobile route accounting solutions to the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and wholesale distribution industry, has announced, the launch of Si Speedy Invoice, a highly affordable new product that integrates Intuit QuickBooks Pro invoicing into an array of handheld Palm Source Palm as devices. Si Speedy Invoice was designed for companies or individuals to easily integrate functions from QuickBooks 2003 or higher with mobile handheld Palm as devices to be able to invoice, update customer records, and review pricing from virtually anywhere. By installing Si Speedy Invoice on any Palm as version 4 or higher device, users are able to synchronize with their back-office QuickBooks host to perform accurate, on-the-spot product lookup, inventory synchronization, and produce professional looking invoices. Anyone with a host QuickBooks application, a Palm as cell phone, or PDA and a portable printer can take advantage of Si Speedy Invoice to easily move through sales calls more quickly and efficiently.

Solid Innovation CEO, Craig Fisher said, "Si Speedy Invoice is unique in that it has removed cost as a barrier of entry, offering sales professionals an alternative to more expensive and difficult-to-use mobile sales product." Fisher continued, "Until now, mobile salespeople have had to manually process invoices or rely on cumbersome and expensive automated solutions. With the introduction of Si Speedy Invoice, mobile sellers now have a much easier and cost-effective way to interface with QuickBooks to view customers records, synchronize with their warehouse, and provide customers with professional-looking invoices."

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