Enterprise Edition 10.0 Now Available for All Clients

PRINCE ALBERT – JANUARY 15, 2010 – In response to positive feedback from the Enterprise Edition Beta Program, Solid today announced Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition™ version 10.0 is now available for all clients.

“Responding to our clients’ feedback and needs has always been the foundation for the strength and reliability of our Enterprise Edition. With the Solid Route Accounting 10 features, clients can continue to do their job more efficiently and productively,” says Bryan Shier, Director of Client Services. Craig Fisher, CEO and founder of Solid, adds, “We believe it’s important for our software to grow with our clients, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here. We’ve added value to our software in the hopes of moving our clients forward and directing them towards new opportunities.”

The version 10.0 release includes a number of new standard features along with additional optional licensed features that extends the automated functionality of Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition™. The new features are as follows:

New Standard Features

  • Linked Parts to handle Ecology Charges – The ability to attach a total of 3 additional charges per SKU for automatic use by the route salesperson. This is to solve Ecology Charges or other situations where additional charges need to be applied by SKU.


  • Customer Sales2 report:
    • provides printing by Customer Route Group or Customer Price Group
    • includes a “Print Enhanced Item Detail” print option
    • provides a sales breakdown by the price an SKU is sold at
  • Printing the Inventory Valuation report by individual Cost Centers correction
  • Deleting a Customer record now automatically deletes the related EDI Setup record if it exists

New Optional Licensed Features

  • Customer Route Sheets/History – The ability to track customer sales, on-hand, and returns on the mobile system to generate a new order.
  • Direct Plus EDI enhancements to include Environmental Deposits and Ecology Charges – separate reporting of this information to match Direct Plus standards.
  • Picked Orders can now be printed using a mobile unit when licensed for Delivery Confirmation

For anyone interested in Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition™ version 10.0, contact Nancy Sagardia, Product Specialist of Solid Innovation, for more information.

About Solid Innovation
Since 1986, Solid Innovation® has been a developer of route accounting software solutions for small to mid-sized mobile businesses. Solid combines superior management insight with industry expertise to deliver functional and flexible solutions that give clients the power to manage their business with confidence. Today, Solid offers a solid approach to route accounting with its Solid Route Accounting™ software solutions that support both Windows® Mobile and Palm OS Mobile operating systems. For more information about Solid, please visit www.solid-innovation.com.

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