New automated system revolutionizes eyewear businesses

PRINCE ALBERT – JANUARY 19, 2010 – Solid Innovation, Inc., a leading provider of route accounting software solutions, is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with Eyewear Genetics®, a provider of Clear Vision™ solutions, to offer a new industry-leading software system: Solid Route Accounting™ - Eyewear Genetics® Edition.

"We are honored to have been chosen to work with Eyewear Genetics," Craig Fisher, CEO and founder of Solid, says. “The opportunity to participate in this project has been a beneficial experience for Solid, and I feel this system will have a large impact on the eyewear industry.” Harry Mann, Integration Technologist of Eyewear Genetics, adds, “The eyewear industry has been neglected for decades now. We wanted to rise to the challenge and provide clients with practical solutions that present new methods of ordering, manufacturing, selling and distributing eyewear. With the inclusion of Solid's expertise in mobile sales and inventory control, our new business solution will revolutionize the way things are done in the eyewear industry.”

The new automated system introduces advanced methods of ordering, selling and distributing eyewear products by combining Solid's specialized point-of-sale and inventory tracking systems, Systems Dynamics Corp.'s proven Oracle-based ERP system and Eyewear Genetics' innovative Clear Vision™ solutions to achieve optimal eyewear business operations. The collaboration between the three companies has created a fully automated system that incorporates all eyewear business activities, from sales and distribution to accounting. Clients using Solid Route Accounting™ - Eyewear Genetics® Edition benefit from enhanced efficiencies that promote stability and opportunities for growth.

Solid Route Accounting™ – Eyewear Genetics® Edition contains a number of powerful features, including frame profiling, merchandizing, inventory control, remote order entry, warehouse management, inventory tracking, delivery management, accounting, and sales reporting. For more information about Solid Route Accounting™ - Eyewear Genetics® Edition, visit the Eyewear Genetics website.

About Solid Innovation
Since 1986, Solid Innovation® has been a developer of route accounting software solutions for small to mid-sized mobile businesses. Solid combines superior management insight with industry expertise to deliver functional and flexible solutions that give clients the power to manage their business with confidence. Today, Solid offers a solid approach to route accounting with its Solid Route Accounting™ software solutions that support both Windows® Mobile and Palm OS Mobile operating systems. For more information about Solid, please visit

About Eyewear Genetics
Eyewear Genetics® constructs innovative business solutions which assist eyewear industry companies with running their business at optimal levels. Eyewear Genetics® has assembled an executive team with over 75 years of experience in eyewear production, distribution and category management. Their fully automated system optimizes efficiencies, reduces expenses and centralizes all business processes, allowing eyewear companies to explore opportunities for stabilization and growth. See. More. Clearly. For more information about Eyewear Genetics®, please visit

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