Answer: Usually, when a record is deleted within a business system, it should be considered to be gone forever. For this reason it's very important only to delete records that are positively no longer needed. However, there is a way in Solid Business Central™ that records can be restored, if still available. To better understand how this all works, we’ll first outline what it means to "delete" a record.

When a record is deleted, although it can no longer be viewed in a list of records, it does still exist in the Solid Business Central™ system. Because of this, a deleted record can be thought of as inactive or hidden.

  1. When viewing a record database, such as [Datafile / Customer / View], there's a field at the very top left called 'Deleted HIDDEN', and a Menu Choice along the bottom of [F7 - Sh del] (Show Deleted). By using this [F7 - Sh del] key, the field in the top left will change to be 'Deleted SHOWING'.
  2. By viewing records when 'Deleted' is set to 'Showing', any record that is currently inactive will have the word 'Deleted' written just beneath the version number of Solid Business Central™ in the top right corner, whereas for all active records, this area will be blank.
  3. To restore a deleted record back to being Active or Visible, press the [Delete] key on the keyboard to display the confirmation, "Do you wish to recall this (record)? (y/N)". By using the [Y] key on the keyboard for Yes, this record will be restored to active status. A word of caution though is that if a [System / Optimize] or [System / Upgrade] procedure is run, then all inactive/hidden records will be permanently deleted for whichever data set those system procedures are run for.
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