Invoice Level Discounts allow the company to set the uppermost limit for an invoice to be discounted. The route salespeople can then grant a customer a discount off an invoice's total at the time of sale, within that discount range.

To enable invoice level discounts in Solid Sales Pro™, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. For QuickBooks® users, on the Settings page, look for the "Invoice Level Discount Item" field, and select the appropriate QuickBooks® discount item.
  2. Then on the Mobiles page, enable the "Can Use Invoice Level Discounts" feature and specify the maximum discount percentage that can be given on the mobile.
  3. When creating a transaction in Solid Sales Pro™, when on the 1100 Create Transaction screen, tap on the [Change] settings button and enter the desired discount

Note: for customer discounts calculated on the mobile, you will need to create or use an existing Discount Item from QuickBooks®. Ensure that Discount Item is of type 'amount off' instead of 'percentage off'.

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