With Solid Sales Pro™ user passwords enabled, any transactions created under that login will be assigned to the selected Sales Rep.

QuickBooks Configuration

In QuickBooks, create a new Sales Rep by:

  1. Click on [Lists / Customer & Vendor Profile Lists / Sales Rep List]
  2. Click on [Sales Rep / New]
  3. Enter the Sales Rep's name
  4. When QuickBooks says this is a new Sales Rep, select [Set Up]
  5. Then select [Employee] as the Name Type, and click [OK]

    Note: be sure to select employee and not other, as you cannot assign a password to other

  6. You can optionally complete the "Personal" and "Address and Contact" tabs
  7. On the "Additional Info" tab, click on the [Define Fields] button

    Note: this will only have to be done the very first time.

  8. Enter a new label "Password", add a check-mark under the Empl column, and click [OK]
  9. You now have a Custom Field called "Password", in this field, enter the mobile password for this Sales Rep
  10. Click [OK] to save the information
  11. Repeat these steps for all Sales Reps
  12. Open Solid Fusion™ and click [Sync Now]

Solid Route Accounting™ Configuration

Next, log into SolidRouteAccounting.com:

  1. Navigate to the Settings screen
  2. For the "Employee Password Field", select the newly created employee custom field
  3. Now enable the "Require Mobile Login" setting
  4. Click [Save]

If you need to mark a particular user as a supervisor (important for mobile stock operations), then navigate to the Users tab:

  1. Select the user from the list
  2. On the User – Details screen, click on [Edit]
  3. Check the "Supervisor" checkbox and click [Save]

Solid Sales Pro™

Now synchronize your mobile(s) by tapping on [Sync] from the Main Menu. After the sync is complete:

  1. Close Solid Sales Pro™
  2. For Android users:
    1. Open the mobile's Settings app
    2. Navigate to "Manage apps"
    3. Select Solid Sales Pro™
    4. Tap on [Force stop]
    5. Exit the Settings app
  3. For iOS users:
    1. Double-tap on the Home button
    2. Locate Solid Sales Pro™
    3. Swipe up to close Solid Sales Pro™
    4. Return to the device's home screen
  4. Tap on the Solid Sales Pro™ icon
  5. You will now be prompted to select a Sales Rep and enter the associated password

Any transactions created under this login will be assigned to the selected Sales Rep.

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