Installation Procedure

The standard Solid Route Accounting™ license comes with two workstation licences. If you require more workstation licences, please contact Solid Client Services or call 1-888-667-3769 x2.

  1. Before installing or upgrading a network workstation, ensure that you have mapped a drive letter to the network drive where the Solid Route Accounting™ program is installed (e.g. S:\Si). For assistance with network drives and drive mapping, contact your network administrator or the Solid Client Services team.
  2. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, select the server's mapped drive and folder where the Solid Route Accounting™ program has been installed.
  3. Open the Si\WorkStation folder and double click on SiClient.msi to begin the workstation installation procedure.
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen, clicking the button to continue.
  5. When presented with the Solid Route Accounting™ program license agreement, read through it and if you agree to the terms, click "I Agree" then click [Next] to continue.
  6. On the Workstation ID screen, enter the appropriate workstation number when prompted. Workstation ID must be a value between 02 and 99 and must be unique across your network workstations.

    NOTE: DO NOT assign the same Workstation ID number to two different workstations. If you're unsure, please get in touch with your network administrator or the Solid Technical Support team for assistance.

  7. On the Installed Products screen, click on the appropriate optional checkboxes relative to that workstation. By default, shortcuts to Solid Route Accounting™ (Solid Business Central™) will always be set up.
  8. When presented with the "Mapped Drive Source Path" screen, enter the mapped server network drive letter along with the "Workstation" subfolder of the Solid Route Accounting™ main program installation folder (e.g. S:\Si\Workstation) then click on [Next] to continue with the installation following the on-screen instructions. If you have correctly launched the Solid Workstation installer from a mapped drive letter, this should default correctly for you.
  9. When presented with the "Select Installation Folder" screen, enter the Destination Folder to install the workstation files. The default should be C:\Si. Click on the [Browse] button if it is necessary to change the destination folder, then click on [Next] to continue.

Now that the installation is complete, you will need to configure the workstation options, such as printers:

  1. Start Solid Business Central™
  2. Select [System / Configure / Workstation]
  3. Enter the appropriate options and press [Ctrl-End] to save your changes.


For information on licensing or assistance with the Installation / Upgrade procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our Solid Client Services team at 1-888-667-3769, then press 1, or contact a Solid Product Specialist.

NOTE: You must have a paid-up support agreement to receive assistance.

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