Answer: If a mobile unit record has been enabled for price editing, the route sales person can edit an item's prices at time of sale, within Solid Sales Pro™, when adding items to the invoice. The item's pricing will be shown to the right of where the order quantity can be entered on the item's details screen. To edit a suggested retail price (SRP), tap on the price shown in the 'Retail' field to bring up an onscreen keyboard that can be used to edit the price. To edit the price it's being sold for, or rather the wholesale price, tap on the price in the 'Price' field to once again bring up the onscreen keyboard.

Notice that there is also a 'Whlsle' field on this screen, but this field does not control pricing. Instead, this field only displays the wholesale price for this item as set in the office accounting system, and is for reference only. Price edits made on the handheld computer are non-permanent and apply only to the invoice currently being created. For information on how to enable or verify this feature within your own Solid Route Accounting™ business system, please refer to the appropriate section below.

Enterprise Edition Users:

In Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Datafile / Cost Center / Mobile] and locate the mobile unit record in question. To the right is a section called ‘Edit Prices’ where the 'List' field controls if SRP if can be edited, and 'Whsale' (or Dealer depending on your company's configuration) controls if the wholesale price can be edited. To turn on either of these options, use the [F2 - Edit] key to make this record editable, and change these fields to 'Yes' to enable editing for those price types. Use [CTRL+END] to save the changes and sync the mobile unit's handheld computer to apply the change to Solid Sales Pro™.


In, navigate to [Mobiles] and select the desired mobile unit record from the listing on the screen. Once selected, click on [Edit] and place a checkmark in the 'Can Edit Sale Price' field or the 'Can Edit Suggested Retail Price' field to allow the editing in Solid Sales Pro™ of the wholesale and SRP prices respectively. Use the [Save] button to save any changes, and sync the handheld computer assigned to this mobile unit record to apply it to Solid Sales Pro™.

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