Answer: Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition offers many ways in which discounts can be applied. Departmental Discounts allow a percent to be discounted off the wholesale price of all items belonging to that department. Customer Records can be assigned one Discount Level to receive that discount. A single department can have as many as 39 different Discount Levels created for it.

Creating Departmental Discounts is a two step process. The first step is to specify the Discount Levels within the Department Record. The second step is to assign Customer Records to those Discount Levels.

  1. In Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Datafile / Department / View] and display the desired Department Record.
  2. Use [F2 - Edit] to change this record, and notice the grid of numbers 1-9 along the top and 10, 20, 30 along the left. This makes a grid of 39 possible Discount Levels.
    Departmental Discount Levels
  3. In one of the Discount Level spaces, preferably starting with the first one under the number '1', enter the discount as a percent of what customers belonging to this Discount Level will receive off all items belonging to this department. A five percent discount, for example, would be entered in as '5.00'. When finished entering in Discount Levels, use [CTRL+END] to save this record.
  4. If customers are assigned to this Discount Level will also be receiving Departmental Discounts for other departments, view those other Department Records, and repeat these steps. Be sure to set in the same Discount Level space the discount percent desired, even if the percent is different than the amount in the same Discount Level space in other Departmental Records. To elaborate, if the first Departmental Discount is in Discount Level #1, then all other Departmental Discounts that these customers are to be assigned to should be in Discount Level #1 as well.
  5. Once all Departmental Discounts are set, navigate next to [Datafile / Customer / View] and display a customer record that'll belong to the Discount Level. Once the Customer Record is displayed, use [F2 - Edit] to make changes to this record, and set the 'Disc' field to whichever Discount Level number was configured for this customer in the previous steps (this would be Discount Level 1, from the above example). Save this record with [CTRL+END].
  6. This customer will now receive discounts for any item belonging to these Department Records, based on the item's price minus the percent set in that Discount Level. Repeat the previous step for all other Customer Records to be assigned to this Discount Level as well.
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