Purpose: This feature has many everyday uses:

  • Pre-sell - Used to obtain customer orders to be filled later.
  • Delivery Confirmation - where orders are created at another location then fulfilled at another mobile computer.
  • Trade Show Order Entry - to obtain customer orders at a trade show.

This feature is available fully integrated with any of the other mobile transaction types.

Creating Customer Orders:

  • Transactions are created in the same fashion on the mobile computer as invoices. The transaction is created as an "Order" or "Pre-Sell" instead of a  "Bill" or "Invoice".
  • As items are added to the transaction in the usual way, and the regular pricing rules apply.

Modifying a Customer Order:

  • To re-select a customer order, select the customer on the 1110 Customer Lookup screen, and the 1101 Order Selection screen will appear if that customer record has open orders.

Finalizing Pre-sell Orders:

  • To finalize a transaction, change the transaction type from an "Order" to an "Invoice"  on the 1120 Transaction Options screen. If needed, you can adjust the item qualities before saving the transaction.

Other Notes:

  • A customer order may be placed on another mobile through SolidRouteAccounting.com. While on the mobile, the transaction may be modified by adding or changing items and optionally closed as a finalized transaction.
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