Customer Discounts are not only the most accessible type of special pricing available, but they are also readily available to all Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks clients. Customer Discounts allow the company to set the uppermost limit for an invoice to be discounted. The route salespeople can then grant a customer a discount off an invoice's total at the time of sale, within that discount range.

  1. In, navigate to [Mobiles] and select the desired mobile unit record to allow Customer Discounts from the list atop the screen. In the 'Mobile Settings' section, ensure there is a checkmark in the 'Can Use Invoice Level Discounts' checkbox, and enter in the uppermost amount they're allowed to grant discounts up to. Once set, use the [Save] button, and follow these same steps for all other mobile unit records that will be able to grant Customer Discounts.
  2. In, navigate to [Settings]. In the 'Invoice Level Discount Item', select the appropriate QuickBooks account to post the Customer Discount amounts to (the amounts discounted off the original invoice totals). Consult with the accountant if necessary, and use the [Save] button when ready to continue.
  3. Sync the handheld computer(s) that this change was made for.

Now, when creating an invoice in Solid Sales Pro™, when the invoice is ready, use the [Change] button on the '1100 Create Transaction' screen, the '1120 Set Bill Options' screen will now show an additional field of 'Discount (%)' where the driver can enter in the amount being discounted. Once entered, tap on [Ok] to save the changes. The amount they enter will automatically be deducted on screen from the subtotal and reflected in the 'Total' field. This information will also be printed on the paper invoice and saved to this invoice's record.

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