Answer: Solid Business Central™ can automatically check the cost of items against the Gross Margins set for the inventory's departments. Should any changes in pricing exist, this warning will display to allow the employee to either automatically use the greater price for the Wholesale price or answer 'No' to this question to select or set what Wholesale price to use manually. For more information on using this automatic Wholesale price generation ability, please read Article #162 Can Wholesale Prices be Automatically Updated as the Cost for Inventory Items Increase or Decrease.

To Disable This Automatic Price Checking:

  1. In Solid Business Central™, navigate to [System / Configure / Company / Settings], and find the menu option 'Order Price Check' in the left column of options.
  2. The 'Order Price Check' field should be set to 'A – Advise of Price Changes', which displays that price check prompt. Change this to 'I - Ignore List Price Changes' and save the change with [CTRL+END] to no longer  perform the price check as Purchase Orders are saved as Finalized Receipts.

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