Answer: Yes, it is possible to transfer inventory to and from any cost center using Solid Business Central™. The only caveat, though, is that it'll take two Inventory Transfers to accomplish it. However, thanks to Solid Business Central™'s ability to copy, reverse, and adjust existing transactions, it requires only a few more steps than a regular Inventory Transfer to accomplish.

  1. Because any Inventory Transfer created in Solid Business Central™ must use Cost Center 999 as one of the cost centers, this process requires that the inventory is first transferred to the main Cost Center 999. Then that transfer can be copied with reverse quantities and sent to the destination cost center.
  2. Therefore, the first step in this process is to create an Inventory Transfer in Solid Business Central™, where the 'Cost Cnt#' field will be set to the number of one of the trucks, and Solid Business Central™ will act as the other truck. For information on how to do this, please read the section 'Inventory Transfers in Solid Business Central™' in Article #96: How to Create Inventory Transfers in Solid Route Accounting - Enterprise Edition.
  3. Once the Inventory Transfer has been created and saved, re-enter the 'Buying' screen, and once again, in the 'Sup #' field, enter 'INTRNL'. An option near the top, mid-screen, will show [F3 - Closed Tns]. Use this F3 key to display a list of all past transactions for this 'INTRNL' supplier. The first transaction at the top of this list should be the Inventory Transfer that was just created.
  4. Use the [Enter] key to select this transaction and bring up the 'Transaction Options' menu. From this menu, select 'Copy with Reverse Qty', which will create an Inventory Transfer duplicate to the first, but with opposite quantities. This way, any item on the original Inventory Transfer had a negative quantity to indicate that it was taken out of that mobile cost center and brought to 999, it will now be a positive quantity to indicate that it's being taken out of 999 and added to the other mobile cost center.
  5. While viewing this Inventory Transfer, notice that up top, in the 'Cost Cnt#' field, it's still set to the first mobile cost center. This needs to be changed to be the other mobile cost center before this transfer is saved. To do that, use [CTRL+Page Up] to move the data entry cursor up into the Header of this transaction, and from there, change the 'Cost Cnt#' to whatever the other cost center number is.
  6. When all is ready, use [CTRL+END] to save this transaction and sync both handheld computers to apply the inventory changes to their records.
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