Description: Backups in Solid Route Accounting™ business systems should be saved onto a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, so have that storage device kept off-site, in a safe location, at the end of every business day. The system backups are sent to that storage device during the backup process by the drive letter set into the 'Backup Destination' field in the system's backup configuration. When performing a backup of the Solid Route Accounting™ business system, such 'Invalid Drive/Directory' messages indicate that the location of the removable storage device is no longer valid, and so it cannot find that device to save the backup onto.

Resolution: Once the storage device, such as a USB flash drive, has been connected to the computer, it will automatically assign a drive letter. Navigate to 'Computer', which may be a desktop icon or be available from within the [START] menu. For Windows users, this program is called 'My Computer' or 'This PC'. Once inside 'Computer', the storage device should be visible in the section of 'Devices with Removable Storage', and will have a drive letter associated with it such as (E:), (F:), (J:), or so on. Make a note of what its drive letter is, and then return to the Solid Route Accounting™ software component running the backup.

Enterprise Edition Users:

Once inside Solid Business Central™, navigate to [System / Backup / Daily (or Full)]. At the bottom of the 'Solid Business Central Backup' screen, verify that the 'Backup Destination' drive letter is correct as per the drive letter that the removable storage device was listed in 'Computer' and then try the backup again.

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