Answer: Solid Route Accounting™ business systems are built using indexed databases of information. Although within Solid Route Accounting™, these databases can be organized in many ways such as part number, part description, barcode, supplier, etc. every one of these data sets has a key field that those records rely on to ensure the business system's continuity. For this reason, although every other field for a record may be editable, these key fields need to remain unchanged and so will not be available for editing.

Careful planning of how all records in Solid Route Accounting™ are created will help to reduce the amount of post-creation editing a record will need. If a record needs a change to be made to one of these key fields, the only solution is often to completely delete and recreate the record with the correct information. For more details on deleting certain records with special considerations in Solid Route Accounting™ business systems, see the corresponding Solid Know How™ articles. All other records can usually be deleted using the standard 'delete' function for that business system.

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