Description: When opening a Solid Route Accounting™ software component, the message displays, "Solid (Route Accounting) is currently being used in an exclusive operation such as Indexing or Upgrading. Please re-try (this software component) when these operations are completed."

Resolution: There are a few different possible causes for this message to appear. Please review the following solutions:

  1. In a large office environment with Solid Route Accounting™ workstations, it's possible that the Solid Route Accounting™ software installed on the Server Computer may be engaged in a system-wide operation. Such tasks require that all software components, such as Solid Business Central™, Solid Mobile Central™, and Solid MultiConnect™, be closed on all workstations. If such an operation is being run, then attempting to open any of these software components will result in this message. Verify if this is the case with a System Administrator, and if so, wait for that system operation to complete before attempting to restart the software on any workstation.
  2. If Solid Route Accounting™ was closed improperly due to power failure, improper shutdown, or other reasons, it's possible that the software believes it's still running on this computer even though it is not. Ensure that all the Solid Route Accounting™ software components are closed, and then shut down and restart the server computer to resolve this.
  3. If this message continues to show after attempting the above two steps, please contact a Solid Innovation Customer Service Representative who will be happy to assist you further.

Prevention: In a large office environment, communication is key to preventing this message from showing. Always try to schedule system operations, such as daily and weekly backups, at times when no one other than the system administrator is accessing the system. Also, ensure that all staff members who use Solid Route Accounting™ software are briefed on proper software exit procedures and that they report if a workstation or component was shut down incorrectly so that a 'Reindex All' procedure can be run to restore data integrity upon business system restart.

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