Description: When opening a Solid Route Accounting™ software component, the message displays, "Demonstration access rights have expired. Contact Solid Innovation for new access rights."

Resolution: This message typically indicates that the license key that allows Solid Route Accounting to operate has expired.

  1. To verify that the license file is up to date, ensure that all Solid software is closed, and then on the server computer where the Solid Route Accounting is installed, go to START / All Programs / Solid Route Accounting / Activation. The Activation program will then open and display the license key, as given by Solid Innovation. Use [Next] to download the latest license for your Solid Route Accounting business system. Try running the Solid Route Accounting™ business system again to see if this has resolved the problem.
  2. If running the Activation program has not resolved this message, it could be as a result of a damaged company configuration file. Please contact a Solid Innovation Customer Support Representative who will be able to further assist you with this situation.
  3. This message is primarily designed to inform the user that their account support has expired with Solid Innovation. If this may be the case, please contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist who will be able to further assist you with all account inquiries.

Prevention: To prevent the above three possibilities of this message appearing:

  1. When Solid Innovation sends notification that the company's license key has been updated, be sure to run the Activation program immediately so that the license is always up to date.
  2. Always exit out of Solid Route Accounting software using the safe, recommended methods. If a software component closes incorrectly through system freeze up, power failure, or any other reason, be sure that when the software reopens to do a "Reindex All" procedure to ensure data integrity.
  3. Be sure to resolve account billings from Solid Innovation in a timely fashion to ensure uninterrupted service.
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