Answer: Servicing customers properly also includes being courteous, keeping them informed on required information such as taxation and licensing, and also letting them know the company's expectations when doing business. The best method of delivering this information on a frequent basis is to include it as part of every invoice created for each customer by way of an Invoice Message. Please follow the steps below for the Solid Route Accounting business system being used to learn how to create invoice messages for your company.

Please open Solid Business Central and proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to [System / Messages / Billing].
    Note that in [System / Messages] the same steps can be applied to add messages to both Customer Statements and Supplier Orders by alternatively selecting either [Statement] or [Ordering] respectively.
  2. Once inside the "Billing Message" screen, notice that three lines will appear. These are the lines that will print at the bottom-left of every invoice. Note that as text is written in these lines, the writing can go past the right edge of the field. The writing will automatically wrap around to the next available line when the end of the entry field has been reached.
    These fields can hold any message at all. The most popular use for these fields is for:
    1. A signature line by writing 'X___________________________'.
    2. A 'Thank you for your business' note.
    3. Any taxation or license numbers.
    4. Notes for expected receivable time period such as 'Please Pay Within 30 Days of Purchase'.
    5. Phone Numbers, Email Address, Website URL, ect.
  3. Once these lines are set with the desired messages, use [CTRL+END] to save these changes.
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