11 Best Route Star Alternatives [Pricing & Features]

In the quest for efficiency and scalability, the right tools aren't just helpful—they're essential. But what happens when the tool you rely on starts feeling more like a roadblock than a runway? This is a crossroad many face with Route Star. If you've ever found yourself pondering if there's something better out there, this article lights the path to discovery.

  • What Route Star offers and its limitations

  • Why seeking an alternative could be your next best move

  • Key criteria for selecting a top-notch alternative

  • A curated list of 11 alternatives, each with unique pricing and features to consider

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What Is RouteStar and What Does It Offer?

Route Star website

RouteStar emerges as a beacon of efficiency for direct store distributors, streamlining the journey from warehouse to customer doorstep with precision and ease. At its core, Route Star offers a comprehensive solution designed to harmonize the intricate dance of route management, inventory control, and customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive into what makes Route Star a trusted ally for businesses navigating the complex terrain of delivery and sales management.

Key Features and Offerings

  • QuickBooks Integration: Route Star provides seamless two-way synchronization with both QuickBooks Desktop and Online, eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring financial transactions are accurately reflected in real-time.

  • Route Management: The software boasts built-in Google route optimization, enabling users to schedule deliveries with multiple frequencies, optimize delivery routes by location, and streamline stops with a drawing tool for maximum efficiency.

  • Customer Pricing: Unique pricing setups for each customer ensure personalized service, catering to specific needs and enhancing customer relationships.

  • Mobile Solution: Field invoicing and payment processing become a breeze. With Route Star, invoices can be generated, payments received, and receipts emailed or printed on the spot, all from the mobile interface.

  • Manage Truck Inventory: Inventory management extends beyond the warehouse, ensuring delivery vehicles are adequately stocked to meet customer demands. It also includes capabilities for pre-kitting and warehouse pack-out reports.

  • Service Department Management: It offers tools to manage preventive maintenance schedules and service calls efficiently, improving customer service and equipment reliability.

  • Online Ordering and Customer Portal: Customers enjoy the convenience of placing orders online and accessing a 24/7 customer portal, boosting satisfaction and retention.

  • CRM – Leads & Quotes: The system helps manage prospective customers, send estimates, and track upsells, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

  • Tracking Upsells, Cancellations/Net Acquisitions: Insights into customer purchasing trends and account changes are readily available, enabling strategic decisions and growth.

RouteStar Key Features and Offerings

Route Star Solutions is designed to simplify and enhance the operations of direct store distributors by offering an integrated, mobile-friendly platform for route optimization, inventory management, and customer engagement.

It’s a toolkit engineered to elevate business processes, ensuring every step from order entry to delivery and invoicing is executed with precision and care.

Why You Might Need an Alternative to Route Star

While Route Star presents a solid foundation for route management and inventory tracking, no solution is without its challenges. Some users might find themselves seeking an alternative to fill gaps that become apparent as their business scales and evolves.

Let's explore the aspects where Route Star might leave users wanting more and how Solid Innovation steps in to bridge these gaps.

Identified Cons of Route Star

  • Limited Functionality Without Additional Costs: Certain features, like the 'Route Map,' don't operate as expected. Additionally, accessing some of Route Star’s more advanced capabilities requires further investment, which can add up over time.

  • Inflexible Time Frame: The lack of support for a 28-day calendar can be a logistical headache for businesses that operate on this cycle, complicating planning and reporting.

  • Manual Synchronization: The system does not automatically sync to the mobile app or QuickBooks; it requires manual intervention to ensure all data is current. This can be a significant drawback in a fast-paced environment where real-time data is crucial.

  • Limited Sales Tax Capabilities: QuickBooks's capabilities constrict sales tax handling, which may not meet the needs of all businesses, especially those with complex tax requirements.

  • Database Re-routing: Frequent database re-routing can be time-consuming and frustrating, particularly during peak operational times, although support is noted to be responsive.

  • Learning Curve: Like many specialized systems, Route Star has a learning curve. While technical support is readily available, the time investment to reach proficiency can be a consideration for some businesses.

Why You Might Need an Alternative to Route Star

How Solid Innovation® Fills These Gaps

Solid Innovation®’s Solid Route Accounting™ system addresses these concerns with a comprehensive suite of features designed for ease of use, flexibility, and advanced integration capabilities.

  • Automatic Synchronization: Unlike Route Star, Solid Route Accounting™ offers live synchronization with mobile apps and ERP systems like QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO, eliminating the need for manual sync actions and ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy.

  • Enhanced Sales Tax and Reporting Flexibility: With broader ERP integration, Solid Route Accounting™ surpasses the limitations of QuickBooks alone, offering more robust sales tax calculation capabilities and flexible reporting periods, including support for a 28-day calendar.

  • Seamless Cloud Integration: Solid Route Accounting™ is designed for easy synchronization with third-party cloud applications, ensuring that your data is always accessible, up-to-date, and secure.

  • Comprehensive Support and Training: While acknowledging the learning curve that comes with any sophisticated software, Solid Innovation® provides extensive support and training resources to get teams up to speed quickly and efficiently.

  • No Hidden Costs: Solid Route Accounting™ prides itself on transparency, offering a clear pricing structure that gives businesses access to all its features without unexpected additional fees.

While Route Star has been a reliable option for many, the evolving needs of modern businesses may require a solution that offers greater flexibility, more advanced features, and better integration capabilities.

Solid Route Accounting™ emerges as a compelling alternative, designed to meet these needs head-on, ensuring businesses can operate more efficiently, effectively, and with the agility to adapt to changing market demands.

How Solid Innovation® Fills These Gaps

Key Criteria for Selecting a Top-Notch Alternative

Choosing the right software to manage your route sales, delivery, and inventory needs is critical for business success. The ideal alternative should not only address the limitations of your current system but also offer advanced functionalities that can drive growth and improve efficiency.

Here are essential criteria to consider when searching for a top-notch alternative to your current route management software:

  • Seamless Integration: Look for a system that offers robust integration capabilities with your existing ERP/accounting software and other third-party applications. This ensures smooth data flow and minimizes manual data entry, leading to improved accuracy and time savings.

  • Real-Time Synchronization: The ability to sync data in real time between mobile devices and the central system is paramount. This feature supports on-the-spot decision-making, enhances customer service, and ensures inventory and sales data are always up-to-date.

  • Flexibility and Customization: Businesses vary, and so do their needs. A superior alternative should offer flexible configuration options to cater to your specific business model, whether you’re dealing with direct store delivery, pre-sales, or equipment service management.

  • Comprehensive Feature Set: Beyond basic route and inventory management, the ideal solution should include advanced features like customer-specific pricing, mobile sales and invoicing, service department management, and customer surveys. These features allow for a more holistic approach to managing your business operations.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The software should have an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface that requires minimal training. This ensures that your team can quickly become proficient, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

  • Reliable Customer Support: Excellent customer service and technical support are vital. The provider should offer comprehensive training, troubleshooting, and support services to assist you whenever needed.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, your software should grow with you. The chosen solution should be scalable, accommodating additional users, more complex routes, and an expanding product range without compromising performance.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: While price shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, the overall value offered by the software with its cost is important. Look for transparent pricing with no hidden fees and consider the return on investment the software can provide in terms of efficiency gains and cost savings.

  • Security and Reliability: Data security and system reliability are non-negotiable. Ensure the software is built on a secure platform and offers regular backups and robust data protection measures.

  • Positive User Reviews and Case Studies: Finally, research user feedback and case studies. They can provide invaluable insights into the software’s performance in real-world scenarios and help validate your choice.

Selecting a software solution that meets these criteria can transform your route management processes, leading to enhanced efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately, increased profitability.

Solid Route Accounting™ embodies these qualities, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern distributors of all sizes.

Discover the 11 Best RouteStar Alternatives to Revolutionize Your Deliveries

In the fast-paced world of deliveries and mobile workforce management, finding the right route-planning software can be a game-changer for your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive guide introduces you to the 11 best alternatives available today, each offering unique features to streamline your operations and keep you miles ahead of the competition.

Key takeaways

  • For seamless QuickBooks integration and mobile sales optimization, use Solid Innovation®.

  • For advanced enterprise delivery management across various sectors, use Tookan.

  • For optimizing vast delivery networks with complex requirements, use Route4Me.

  • For enhancing field sales efficiency with mapping and scheduling, use Badger Maps.

  • For detailed last-mile delivery management and analytics, use Onfleet.

  • For straightforward and efficient multi-stop route planning, use MyRouteOnline.

  • For delivery route planning and field service scheduling with AI, use OptimoRoute.

  • For keeping delivery fleets on track with live updates, use Routific.

  • For maximizing delivery efficiency with user-friendly navigation tools, use RoadWarrior.

  • For modern route optimization and fleet management in less than 15 minutes, use Upper Route Planner.

  • For a modern route planning experience that saves time and enhances productivity, use Zeo Route Planner.

Let's dive in and explore how these advanced route optimization software can transform your route planning into an effortless, precision-driven process.

#1. Solid Innovation®

Solid Innovation website

Solid Innovation® is at the forefront of route accounting software, offering a comprehensive solution with Solid Route Accounting™.

Established by a team dedicated to innovating distribution strategies, Solid Innovation® has been enhancing the operations of distributors since its inception. With a strong user base and high ratings, the tool is recognized for its user-friendly design and efficient integration with major ERP systems like QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO.

Key Takeaway

Solid Route Accounting™ transforms the complexity of delivery and sales routes into streamlined, revenue-generating processes. It’s designed to maximize every delivery route and master every sale, driving more sales and revenue with every delivery.

Relevant Features

  • Integration with Top Accounting Software: Offers seamless compatibility with QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO, ensuring a unified operational flow.

  • Easy-to-Use Inventory

  • and Barcoding Tools: Simplify inventory management with intuitive tools that make tracking and restocking straightforward.

  • Mobile Sales Systems: Empowers route sales teams with tools for faster, more efficient sales directly from the field.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Features like Stop Analysis and Trip Analysis provide actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Solid Route Accounting Stop Analysis Report
Solid Route Accounting Trip Report
  • Solid Order Entry™: Streamlines order systems, allowing for real-time updates and accuracy across the board.
    Solid Order Entry
  • Expert Support and Solid Know-How™ Articles: Smooth operations are ensured by access to extensive support and a wealth of knowledge resources.

Pricing: Starts at $39.95/month

Solid Innovation® offers full access to Solid Route Accounting™ for a 35-day trial, including full technical support. For detailed pricing beyond the trial, interested parties are encouraged to contact Solid Innovation® directly to ensure a plan that fits their business's specific needs.


  • Streamlines delivery and sales operations.

  • Enhances customer service and satisfaction.

  • Reduces manual data entry and associated errors.

  • Supports growth and scalability with flexible modules.


  • Initial setup and customization may require dedicated time.

  • Full potential is realized when integrated with specific ERP systems, which may limit those using alternative systems.

Solid Innovation®’s Solid Route Accounting™ stands out as a comprehensive, efficient solution for distributors looking to optimize their route accounting operations. With its robust features, seamless ERP integration, and dedicated support, it’s a system designed to scale and evolve with your business.

#2. Tookan by JungleWorks

Tookan website

Tookan, developed by JungleWorks, is an advanced enterprise delivery management system designed to streamline and automate delivery operations for businesses of all sizes.

Founded with the vision to optimize delivery services across various sectors, Tookan has rapidly grown to become a leader in the delivery management space. It offers tailor-made solutions for businesses in food, grocery, pickup and delivery, logistics, and courier services, enhancing efficiency and delivering exceptional customer experiences at scale.

Key Takeaway

Tookan elevates delivery operations with its comprehensive, customer-centric solutions, empowering enterprises with optimized local delivery routes, automation, real-time tracking, and efficient goods movement for both B2C and B2B segments.

Relevant Features

  • Optimized Routes: Utilizes advanced algorithms to provide the most efficient delivery paths for any transportation mode.

  • Automated Dispatch: Orders are automatically assigned to the nearest and available delivery agents, minimizing manual intervention.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Offers real-time tracking capabilities for both customers and managers, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

  • Smart Analytics: Provides valuable insights and comprehensive reports, helping businesses improve operational efficiency.

  • Powerful Integrations: Features seamless integration with over 45 POS systems, payment gateways, and SMS/WhatsApp for streamlined operations.

  • Customer, Agent, and Manager Apps: Dedicated apps for all stakeholders ensure smooth communication and operational control.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month


  • Enhances operational efficiency with the most efficient route optimization and automated dispatch.

  • Improves customer satisfaction with real-time tracking and communication.

  • Offers powerful analytics for data-driven decision-making.

  • Provides a high degree of customization and integration capabilities.


  • The wide array of features and customization options might overwhelm new users.

  • Need to improve customer support services. They aren't very flexible.

Tookan by JungleWorks is a powerful and flexible solution for managing delivery operations. It offers a suite of tools designed to optimize every aspect of the delivery process.

With its focus on automation, real-time insights, and customer satisfaction, Tookan helps businesses of all sizes scale efficiently and meet the evolving demands of the modern marketplace.

#3. Route4Me

Route4Me website

Route4Me, acclaimed as the best route planning and optimization software, simplifies the complexity of last-mile delivery for businesses of all sizes. With over 3 billion miles optimized, 750 million stops visited, and 30 million routes planned, Route4Me has solidified its position as a key player in the logistics and delivery sector, serving over 40,000 happy customers globally.

Celebrating more than a decade of helping businesses succeed in the last mile, Route4Me stands out for its user-friendly platform, patented routing engine, and powerful workflow automation tools.

Key Takeaway

Route4Me offers an intuitive, scalable solution for mastering delivery complexity. Its proven route planning and optimization software ensures businesses can focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

Relevant Features

  • Efficient Route Planning: Create reliable, optimized routes in minutes, catering to the specific needs of each delivery.

  • Dynamic Dispatch & Tracking: Execute deliveries with confidence thanks to real-time tracking and automated dispatch.

  • Driver Efficiency: Ensures timely arrivals and optimizes driver performance for every delivery.

  • Complex Orders & Workflows Simplification: Manages complex order fulfillment processes, streamlining operations from start to finish.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Aims to earn customer loyalty through reliable service and transparency.

  • Business Analytics: Offers insightful analytics for continuous improvement and operational mastery.

  • Platform Integrations: Features simple, seamless integration with existing business infrastructure.

  • Mobile Applications Support: Available on iOS, Android, or Zebra devices, facilitating on-the-go management and communication.

Pricing: Starts at $200/month


  • Patented routing technology optimizes every aspect of delivery operations.

  • Real-time GPS tracking enhances control and customer service.

  • Simplifies the management of complex delivery and service processes.

  • No expensive hardware is required; it works on common smartphones and web browsers.


  • Sometimes, the location of the address is inaccurate, and it takes a long time to optimize and load. There is no indication of a duplicate address being added.

  • Inconsistent ability to change location as visited. The app will sometimes not change colour.

Route4Me stands as a robust solution for businesses aiming to enhance their delivery efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational scalability. With a decade of experience and a comprehensive suite of features, Route4Me equips businesses with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of last-mile delivery successfully.

#4. Badger Maps

Badger Maps website

Badger Maps is a premier route planner designed specifically for field sales and service teams, claiming to help sales teams sell 20-25% more by optimizing routes and reducing driving time. This app stands out by integrating seamlessly with CRM systems to enhance field sales efficiency, thereby allowing reps to focus more on selling and less on navigating.

The promise of driving 20% less and increasing sales by 25% positions Badger Maps as a valuable tool in the competitive landscape of sales route optimization apps.

Key Takeaway

Badger Maps offers a unique solution for field sales and service teams looking to maximize efficiency, reduce driving times, and boost sales figures through optimized routing and effective territory management.

Relevant Features

  • Optimized Routing: Automatically plan your daily sales appointments, promising up to 2 more meetings each day.

  • CRM Integration: Enhances CRM usage by 50% by updating customer information directly from the field.

  • Territory Visualization: Provides visual insight into territories, showing the best opportunities from day one.

  • Data Collection: Enables field service teams to collect valuable on-site data efficiently.

  • Customizable Data Visualization and Reporting: Tailors data setups and automates reporting to streamline planning and analysis.

Pricing: Starts at $58/month


  • Significantly reduces time spent planning and driving.

  • Integrates easily with major CRM platforms, enhancing data utilization and customer follow-ups.

  • Provides detailed analytics and customizable reports for performance tracking.

  • User-friendly interface tailored for sales and service teams.


  • The price increase was exorbitant on a percentage level.

  • The Android version does not remember the information you select, so whenever you close the app and re-open it, everything resets.

As a dedicated solution for field sales and service optimization, Badger Maps offers a comprehensive suite of tools to address the unique challenges faced by these professionals.

By enabling better territory management, reducing unnecessary driving, and seamlessly integrating with CRM systems, Badger Maps is a valuable ally for any sales or service team aiming to improve efficiency and increase their sales outcomes.

#5. Onfleet

Onfleet website

Onfleet is renowned for its cutting-edge last-mile delivery management software, which is designed to delight customers, scale operations, and enhance efficiency. With a claim to simplify the complexities of local deliveries, Onfleet's platform is trusted by some of the world's most successful delivery operations, offering advanced logistics software that's both powerful and user-friendly.

The software is celebrated for boosting delivery results and is trusted across various industries, including courier, grocery, restaurant, cannabis, and more, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in managing last-mile challenges.

Key Takeaway

Onfleet provides a complete last-mile delivery solution that caters to the nuanced needs of delivery services. With sophisticated route optimization and real-time tracking features, it aims to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Relevant Features

  • Advanced Route Optimization: Promises up to 40% efficiency improvements with smart route planning.

  • Real-time Tracking & Analytics: Offers detailed insights into delivery operations with real-time fleet tracking and powerful analytics.

  • Customer Communication: Enhances the delivery experience with automatic SMS notifications, accurate ETAs, and driver tracking.

  • Proof of Delivery: Includes tools for capturing proof of delivery and collecting customer feedback.

  • Integration Capabilities: Provides seamless integration options with popular platforms like Shopify and Square alongside a developer-friendly API for custom needs.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Ensures reliability, stability, and security with SOC2 compliance and 99.99% uptime.

Pricing: Starts at $550/month


  • Streamlines last-mile delivery operations with comprehensive route planning and optimization.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction with real-time updates and communication tools.

  • Facilitates easy integration with existing business systems for a unified workflow.

  • Backed by enterprise-grade security and reliability, ensuring peace of mind.


  • I wish it had the technology to map out locations based on traffic.

  • The account manager only hits you up to raise prices on you.

Onfleet's approach to last-mile delivery management combines advanced technological solutions with an emphasis on user experience and customer satisfaction.

By offering a robust set of features designed to tackle the complexities of delivery logistics, Onfleet positions itself as an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their delivery services and scale operations efficiently.

#6. MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline website

MyRouteOnline emerges as a straightforward and efficient route optimization software, designed to simplify multi-stop route planning for deliveries, sales, and service companies. This software enables users to easily plan routes for multiple locations with just a few clicks, importing address lists from Excel or typing them in manually.

MyRouteOnline caters to a wide range of businesses by offering the ability to assign unlimited drivers, navigate using Android/iOS devices, and track deliveries in real-time, ensuring an optimized routing experience from start to finish.

Key Takeaway

MyRouteOnline offers a user-friendly route planning solution that saves time, money, and fuel for businesses of all sizes. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful optimization features, it stands out as a reliable tool for managing complex routing needs efficiently.

Relevant Features

  • Easy Import and Route Planning: Users can import up to 350 addresses from Excel or manually add stops, optimizing routes by time or distance.

  • GPS and Mobile Export: Routes can be exported to GPS or mobile devices, providing live maps and turn-by-turn driving directions in multiple languages.

  • Comprehensive Optimization Options: According to business needs, optimize routes by the fastest or shortest path or follow a specific order.

  • Real-time Delivery Tracking: Offers capabilities to track deliveries as they happen, ensuring timely and efficient service.

Pricing: Starts at $24/month


  • User-friendly interface simplifies the route planning process for users of all skill levels.

  • Offers flexibility in route optimization, catering to various business requirements.

  • Enables efficient delivery tracking and management, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

  • Supports a wide range of businesses with no installation needed, making it easily accessible.


  • The efficiency of the routes planned by the website is quite bad.

  • Poor optimization features. Have to correct it constantly.

MyRouteOnline stands as a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their route planning and delivery management processes. With its emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and user accessibility, it provides a solid solution for companies aiming to improve their operational logistics and customer satisfaction.

#7. OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute website

OptimoRoute stands out in the delivery route planning and field service scheduling arena, offering sophisticated technology to maximize efficiency for both deliveries and mobile workforces.

Known for bringing state-of-the-art planning, routing, and schedule optimization technology to a wide audience, OptimoRoute is a game-changer for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaway

With OptimoRoute, businesses can expect to transform their operational efficiency, serve more customers, and significantly reduce drive times through advanced route optimization, proving it to be an invaluable tool in organizing mobile workforces for peak performance.

Relevant Features

  • Automated Planning: This process simplifies the importation of orders and computes the most efficient routes and schedules, considering multiple drivers and workload balancing.

  • Driver Mobile App: Ensures drivers have all necessary details at their fingertips, including orders, schedules, navigation, and customer information.

  • Real-time Team Tracking: Offers insights into drivers' locations and progress, making it easy to manage rush orders and customer expectations.

  • Customer ETA & Notifications: Enhances customer experience with customizable notifications and live updates on delivery progress.

  • Proof of Delivery: Facilitates capturing signatures, photos, and notes through a mobile app, streamlining customer service and accuracy.

  • Customer Feedback: Enables immediate collection of customer feedback via email and SMS, fostering improved service quality and loyalty.

  • Analytics: Provides auto-generated, detailed analytics from route data, helping businesses identify areas for improvement and success drivers.

Pricing: Starts at $35.10/month


  • Significantly enhances the efficiency of planning and executing deliveries and field services.

  • Offers real-time insights into operations, improving decision-making and customer communication.

  • Facilitates better resource allocation with features like workload balancing and automated dispatch.

  • Supports a wide range of industries with customizable solutions for varied operational needs.


  • Wish the software had the capability of handling multiple timezones within one account. We had to create multiple accounts for different time zones.

  • The cost has gone up with options for companies that just don’t need this.

OptimoRoute's comprehensive solution for delivery route planning and field service scheduling embodies a forward-thinking approach to managing mobile workforces. By integrating innovative technology with real-world operations, it enables businesses to achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency, customer service, and overall productivity.

#8. Routific

Routific website

Routific is distinguished by its delivery route planning and optimization software, which is designed for businesses that prioritize efficiency and a seamless delivery experience.

Emphasizing the creation of clean, practical planning routes that drivers appreciate, Routific integrates intelligent route optimization to significantly reduce delivery costs and carbon footprint, contributing to both operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Key Takeaway

Routific's platform is built on the foundation of enhancing delivery operations with powerful route optimization, dispatch, and live tracking features. It's geared towards keeping delivery fleets on track, enhancing customer loyalty with real-time updates, and promoting greener delivery practices.

Relevant Features

  • Intelligent Route Optimization: Aims to cut delivery costs by 25%, creating optimized routes that consider traffic patterns, driver preferences, and business priorities.

  • Dispatch and Live Tracking: Enables real-time fleet management and progress tracking, ensuring timely deliveries and operational transparency.

  • Delivery Notifications: Improves the delivery experience with accurate ETAs and live tracking links for customers, fostering increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Environmental Impact: Promotes sustainability by optimizing routes that contribute to significant CO2 reductions, equivalent to planting millions of trees.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month


  • Offers a substantial reduction in delivery costs through optimized routing.

  • Enhances driver satisfaction with efficient, traffic-aware routing that avoids congestion.

  • Boosts customer loyalty with transparent, real-time delivery tracking and notifications.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to sustainability with measurable reductions in CO2 emissions.


  • I'd like to be able to see the table view right in the browser so I can catch mistakes with load, notes, timing, etc.

  • I had 36 drivers to assign, and the maximum number of vehicles in the free trial was limited to 20.

Routific stands out as a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to optimize their delivery operations without compromising on efficiency or sustainability.

By leveraging advanced technology to streamline route planning and enhance the delivery experience for both drivers and customers, Routific positions itself as a leading choice for companies seeking to improve their logistical operations and environmental footprint.

#9. RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior website

RoadWarrior distinguishes itself as a highly efficient route planner app, specifically designed for delivery drivers, courier teams, and service businesses seeking to optimize their daily routes.

By focusing on saving time, reducing traffic delays, and minimizing gas expenses, RoadWarrior aims to significantly enhance the productivity and satisfaction of professional drivers and teams. Offering an intuitive platform, it boasts features that enable users to easily plan multi-stop routes, ensuring a seamless delivery process.

Key Takeaway

RoadWarrior is engineered to support the dynamic needs of professional drivers and teams by providing powerful route optimization and user-friendly navigation tools. Its focus on efficiency and practicality makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to crush their routes and elevate their delivery or service business.

Relevant Features

  • Powerful Route Optimization: Optimizes up to 500 stops per day, allowing drivers to achieve the fastest possible route in seconds.

  • Simple and Easy to Use: It facilitates quick start-up, enabling drivers to take their fastest route in just two steps.

  • Straightforward Pricing: Offers a free 7-day trial followed by an affordable monthly subscription without the need for sales calls or commitments.

  • Traffic-aware Routing: Incorporates real-time traffic data, school zones, tolls, and more to keep drivers on the quickest route.


RoadWarrior presents a transparent pricing model with a free 7-day trial for new users, followed by a subscription rate of $14.99 per month per driver. This approach allows for flexibility and affordability for solo drivers or teams looking to optimize their routing process.


  • Enhances time management and efficiency for home health nurses, landscapers, FedEx express drivers and more.

  • Deemed easy to use and most user-friendly compared to other navigation apps, making business operations smoother.

  • Offers significant savings on delivery costs and time through optimized routing.

  • Promotes happier drivers with practical, efficient, and non-overlapping routes that consider various real-world factors.


  • I do not like not being able to assign drivers from the app.

  • Customer service is limited to email.

  • Limited to a 200-stop limit per route, which may necessitate multiple planning sessions for extremely large delivery schedules.

RoadWarrior stands as a reliable and straightforward solution for professionals seeking to streamline their route planning and execution.

With its emphasis on efficiency, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, RoadWarrior caters to a wide array of businesses, making it an attractive choice for those aiming to optimize their delivery or service operations while improving overall satisfaction.

#10. Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner website

Upper Route Planner emerges as a cutting-edge solution for multi-stop route planning, offering a significant reduction in planning time, road time, and fuel costs for delivery drivers, courier teams, and service businesses.

The platform prides itself on transitioning users from manual to automated route optimization, providing a robust set of tools designed to enhance delivery strategies through efficient route scheduling, real-time tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

Key Takeaway

Upper is dedicated to optimizing delivery operations, enabling businesses to create unlimited routes, reduce delivery costs effectively, and ensure real-time tracking for seamless dispatch and delivery execution. It stands out for its capability to streamline the entire delivery process, from planning to proof of delivery, within a user-friendly interface.

Relevant Features

  • One-Click Data Import: This simplifies stopping importing using spreadsheets or direct app integrations like Shopify, minimizing manual data entry.

  • Route Planning & Optimization: Automates the creation of optimized routes with considerations for priorities, time windows, and more, offering the best routes in just one click.

  • Driver Dispatch: Facilitates efficient dispatching by assigning routes automatically or based on specific criteria directly to drivers' phones.

  • Proof of Delivery: Supports capturing in-app signatures, photos, and notes for instant proof of delivery, enhancing accuracy and customer service.

  • Customer Notifications: Improves communication with real-time, dynamic notifications for customers, reducing delivery failures.

  • Real-time Visibility & Reports: Offers insights into dispatch operations and route progress with actionable reports for targeted improvements.

Pricing: Starts at $80/month


  • It can save up to 95% of planning time and 40% of time on the road, significantly reducing operational costs.

  • Features a comprehensive suite of tools for end-to-end delivery management within a single platform.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction with timely notifications and efficient delivery execution.

  • Supports sustainable delivery practices by optimizing routes for fuel efficiency.


  • The support could be a little better than just a chat window.

  • It took a long time to load through each page.

Upper Route Planner positions itself as an invaluable tool for businesses looking to enhance their delivery efficiency and customer service. With its focus on reducing manual efforts and maximizing route optimization, Upper stands ready to transform the delivery operations of service-oriented businesses.

#11. Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner website

Zeo Route Planner stands out as a modern route optimization platform designed to significantly enhance productivity and efficiency for delivery drivers and fleet managers. Promising up to 2 hours of savings on every trip, Zeo offers an intuitive solution for adding and assigning stops directly without the need for coding, boasting a setup time of less than 15 minutes.

This platform is acclaimed for its impact on productivity, time, and cost savings in route planning, making it a top choice for businesses seeking to improve their delivery strategies.

Key Takeaway

Zeo Route Planner offers a streamlined approach to route planning and optimization, catering to over 10,000 businesses and 800K drivers across 150 countries. By focusing on effective route planning, proof of delivery, and live customer updates, Zeo empowers businesses to deliver faster and more efficiently.

Relevant Features

  • Easy Setup: Allows for quick integration and route setup in less than 15 minutes, significantly reducing planning time.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensures that planning your routes better saves over $200 by optimizing routes for delivery efficiency.

  • Mobile Route Planning: Facilitates advanced planning, addition of proof of delivery, and sharing of live updates with customers.

  • Fleet Manager Solutions: Provides an end-to-end solution for managing fleets, including route creation, delivery progress tracking, and live location updates.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month


  • Saves up to 2 hours per trip, enhancing efficiency and productivity for delivery drivers and businesses.

  • Zeo supports over 800K drivers worldwide, indicating a high level of trust and reliability in its route planning capabilities.

  • Offers comprehensive features for fleet managers to streamline operations and keep customers informed.

  • Simplifies route planning and optimization, making it accessible for businesses without technical expertise.


  • Zeo is free up to 15 stops per route with unlimited routes.

  • The manual process to upload delivery manifest each day from our system to Zeo.

  • Support requests would go unanswered for days, and then the answers would not match the queries.

Zeo Route Planner is recognized for its ability to transform businesses' delivery operations, promoting not only time and cost savings but also improving customers' overall delivery experience.

With its focus on efficiency, user-friendliness, and comprehensive fleet management solutions, Zeo stands as a valuable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their delivery processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Get the Most Efficient and Reliable Option with Solid Innovation®

Choosing the right route planning solution can be overwhelming. With knowledge of the best tools in the market, you can make an informed decision. From saving time and fuel to enhancing delivery efficiency, these platforms bring a lot to the table.

Product Pros Cons Pricing Key Features
Solid Innovation Streamlines delivery and sales operations, Enhances customer service, Reduces manual data entry, Supports growth with flexible modules Initial setup time required, Best with specific ERP systems Starts at $39.95/month Integration with major ERP systems, Mobile sales, Comprehensive reporting
Tookan by JungleWorks Enhances operational efficiency, Improves customer satisfaction, Offers powerful analytics, High degree of customization Might overwhelm new users, Need to improve customer support Starts at $49/month Optimized routes, Automated dispatch, Real-time tracking
Route4Me Patented routing technology, Real-time GPS tracking, Simplifies complex processes, Works on common smartphones Inconsistent ability to change location Starts at $200/month Efficient route planning, Dynamic dispatch, Business analytics
Badger Maps Reduces planning and driving time, Easy CRM integration, Detailed analytics, User-friendly for sales teams Price increase, Android version resets Starts at $58/month Optimized routing, CRM integration, Territory visualization
Onfleet Comprehensive route planning, Enhances customer satisfaction, Easy integration, Enterprise-grade security Mapping technology based on traffic, Account manager issues Starts at $550/month Advanced route optimization, Customer communication, Enterprise-grade security
MyRouteOnline User-friendly interface, Flexible route optimization, Efficient delivery tracking, Supports a wide range of businesses Efficiency of routes, Poor optimization features Starts at $24/month Easy import and planning, GPS and mobile export, Real-time delivery tracking
OptimoRoute Enhances efficiency and productivity, Real-time insights, Better resource allocation, Customizable for various industries Handling multiple timezones, Cost increases Starts at $35.10/month Automated planning, Driver app, Customer ETA & notifications
Routific Reduces delivery costs, Efficient routing, Boosts customer loyalty, Commitment to sustainability Table view in browser, Maximum vehicles limit Starts at $49/month Intelligent route optimization, Dispatch and live tracking, Environmental impact
RoadWarrior Saves on delivery costs and time, User-friendly navigation, Promotes happier drivers, Considers real-world factors Assigning drivers from app, Limited customer service $14.99/month per driver Powerful route optimization, Traffic-aware routing, Straightforward pricing
Upper Route Planner Saves planning and road time, Comprehensive delivery management, Timely notifications, Supports sustainable practices Support quality, Loading time for each page Starts at $80/month One-click data import, Route optimization, Proof of delivery
Zeo Route Planner Saves time and enhances productivity, Supports a large driver base, Simplifies fleet management, Accessible without expertise Manual delivery manifest upload, Delayed support responses Starts at $29/month Easy setup, Mobile route planning, Fleet manager solutions
  • Time and Cost Savings: Significant reduction in planning and on-road time across all platforms.

  • Efficiency and Productivity: Enhanced delivery efficiency with optimized route planning.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Improved delivery experience with real-time updates and accurate ETAs.

  • Sustainability: Contributions towards reducing carbon footprint through efficient route planning.

Solid Innovation® excels in driving businesses forward with efficiency and excellence. Integrating seamlessly with your accounting system Solid Route Accounting™ doesn’t just keep you ahead in the route planning game; it redefines it. It is the partner you need for a streamlined, successful business operation. Let's work together!

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