Improving Efficiency

When it comes to delivery and sales routes, efficiency is a key driver of profitability. The more stops the driver can successfully service in a shift, the higher the revenue that route can generate.

There are many factors that can impede route efficiency, but mobile route accounting solutions, such as Solid Route Accounting™, makes it possible for drivers to more quickly complete each stop while still providing more accurate service to each customer. Solid Route Accounting™ also provide better data and improved visibility into route performance and untapped sales opportunities, too.

Even reducing each stop by just a few minutes can, in total make it possible to add one or more stops per route. Even adding just one stop per day can significantly improve revenue and cash flow, important considerations in industries like baked goods and snacks, where margins are often razor thin.

Here's how these mobile solutions can improve route efficiency:

  1. Eliminate Paperwork: According to the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA), direct store delivery (DSD) drivers spend as much as 6% of their time preparing invoices at customer locations. Solid Route Accounting™ leverages mobile computing technology allowing drivers to quickly complete deliveries and automatically generate accurate invoices on their mobile devices and mobile printers.
  2. Accelerate Inventory Processes: Using mobile computers with barcode scanning capability allows drivers to quickly scan merchandise off of their truck inventory, as well as speed up on-shelf inventory management. Drivers no longer have to spend time writing down inventory counts, and the data is typically more accurate.
  3. Automate Reconciliation: With automated invoicing, more accurate inventory data, Solid Route Accounting™ automates the entire reconciliation process. Drivers no longer have to spend time manually matching their paperwork, and administrative staff can receive accurate route information that can quickly be verified at the end of each shift.

Solid Route Accounting™ can shave precious minutes from each stop on the delivery driver’s route. Drivers can add more stops per shift, improve data accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction. Our clients tell us they can save 20 minutes per stop with Solid Route Accounting™.

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