Reduce Bookkeeping Costs

A simple case for changing the course of your business — and your life — with automation

These days distributors focus on getting products to their customers and try to maximize the number of customers serviced in a day's work. Not to mention to contend with competitors in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

So when it comes to accurately input all that sales data into inventory and accounting systems, life for a distributor gets very complicated very quickly. And the complexity multiplies tenfold, not if but when human involvement introduces errors. Typically, when sales hit a peak or the business scales in some way, either the repetitive manual entry becomes too much for a busy distributor to manage or hire a bookkeeper becomes too expensive to justify. In fact, data management has been the undoing of many a burgeoning business.

Either way, distributors are conflicted. The ones who handle their own bookkeeping know their time is better spent growing the business with marketing, networking, researching lower-cost vendors, reviewing workflows — the list goes on. And those who pay to outsource data entry and bookkeeping are often left wondering if they'll ever be free of an expense that scales in tandem with their business.

Great news, there is a better way. By automating your data entry process, it's possible to save as much as 94% of your bookkeeping costs. That's money that could be invested back in the business and time that could be spent focused on what you love to do — which, for most, is not data entry. Although most distributors have far more layers (including expenses, fees, inventory, shipping, etc.) and are far more expensive, let's walk through the simple math of this significant saving:

At a minimum, if you process 1,000 sales/month and pay a bookkeeper $20/hour on data entry at a rate of approximately 5 minutes/order, your monthly bookkeeping costs would be $1,667 or $20,000 annually.

And if you enter your own data, you'd spend at least 83 hours/month creating spreadsheets and manually typing or copy-pasting order information to and from many business systems and processes, which includes, but is not limited to, creating sales receipts, confirming product availability, updating inventory, recording customer information, and managing shipping. Numbers don't quite work for you? Plug in your own and see how it shakes out.

When it comes to time wasted, money spent, and errors avoided, the solution is simpler than you think. Automating your route accounting system can make all the costs, headaches, and errors go away for good. With the right solution, you can move a single, accurate set of sales data throughout your accounting and business systems with the click of a button for as little as $29.95/month. You can also sync and track sales, orders and inventory without introducing costly human error.

Solid Route Accounting™ provides remote, mobile invoicing, customer order entry, and inventory control. In use by field sales, direct store distribution, van sales and other mobile staff, it streamlines the mobile portion of your business into one seamless system with your accounting system. By operating from today's Android and iOS devices and employing optional wireless internet connections, business gains in these areas:

  • Mobile sales staff move through customer sites up to twice as fast because of accurately priced and professionally printed customer orders and optional barcode scanning.
  • Accounting time is reduced by up to 90% because accounting staff no longer re-enter transactions while accounts receivable statements are up to date.
  • Mobile inventory is tracked accurately and automatically so that fill rates are higher and shrinkage is much smaller.
  • Managers can easily understand where mobile sales staff has stopped, who has produced sales, and what products have been sold. In short, management reporting is significantly improved.

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