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Article #221 How to Search For and Reprint Invoices and Transactions in Solid Business Central

Answer: The only thing more important than amassing sales and purchase data is being able to access it whenever it’s needed. Although Solid Business Central allows data to be accessed in many places, one of the most efficient ways to search for, review, and reprint transactions is from within the Sales and Buying screens. To get started:

  1. In Solid Business Central, navigate to the ‘Sales’ or ‘Buying’ screen, depending on the transaction type.
  2. Once there, use the [Escape] key and answer ‘Y-Yes’ to Cancel the current transaction and the ‘Y-Yes’ once again to Cancel the Billing or Ordering operation. This will change the menu along the bottom to be the ‘Services Menu’, but will not yet take you out of the Sales or Buying screen. If you have returned to the main menu, then you’ll need to retry these steps again.
  3. From the ‘Services Menu’ along the bottom, use [F8 – Find] to begin the record search. First, select the type of information to look for. Then enter in that information to the right, and use [CTRL+END] to search for that information.
  4. This will present a list of all transactions, with the nearest matched record highlighted. Use the [Enter] key to select the desired transaction to display it on screen. The [F3 – Print] key can then be used to reprint the transaction, if desired.

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central
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