Answer: Once a customer order has been included on a Pick List, as printed from Solid Business Central™, that order is flagged as being picked, and for that reason will not be included on any future Pick List. Because Pick Lists are often comprised of multiple orders, and are not saved as a single transaction, this makes it impossible for Solid Business Central™ to know which orders were included on which Pick List. For that reason, Pick Lists can not be reprinted, however the individual orders that make up that Pick List can be reprinted as a Pick Slip.

  1. In Solid Business Central™, navigate to the [Sales] screen, and select a customer who has an order that needs to be picked. Once the customer is selected, the option '[F2 - Open Bills]' should appear on the screen. Use this key to display a list of all customer orders created for this customer.
  2. From this list, highlight the invoice number that needs to be picked, and use the [F4 - Pick Slip] key to display the message, 'This transaction has already been picked. Would you like to re-print the Pick List?'
  3. Use 'Y-Yes' to reprint this order as a Pick Slip, and then repeat the same steps for all other orders that were part of the original Pick List. Using this method, the entire original Pick List can be recreated so the warehouse staff can complete their picking process.
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