Answer: All Solid Route Accounting™ business systems are designed to be reliable, easy to use, and accurate. Part of that accuracy is ensuring that the records our clients have and the records their customers have are identical. Because of this, once an invoice is saved inside Solid Sales Pro™, it cannot be modified, deleted or adjusted in any way.

When making an invoice in Solid Sales Pro™, the '1100 Create Transaction' screen is the route sales person's last chance to verify that their invoice is correct. By using the [Save] button on this screen, the invoice is saved into the handheld's memory, and will be brought into the main Solid Route Accounting&tarde; software component on their next sync. If an error is made on an invoice though, and it is noticed only after it has been saved into Solid Sales Pro™, we recommend the route sales person creates a new, correct invoice for the customer, and give the incorrect invoice to an office administrator at the end of their work period, who can then reverse that invoice within their accounting system.

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