The Stock Depletion Report allows you to print a daily or trip summary report of the stock depletion amounts on the mobile handheld unit. Not only will this assist with restocking, but will also provide valuable information as to which products are selling best and which others are not.

To turn this feature on for your mobiles:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on [Settings]
  3. In the Transaction Setting section, enable the "Print Depletion Report After Cashout" option
  4. Click on [Save] to save the changes

Note: Be sure to synchronize all mobiles to ensure this setting takes effect on all mobiles.

The Stock Depletion Report is printed on the mobile while you produce the daily cashout report in Solid Sales Pro™.

  1. Start Solid Sales Pro™ on the mobile device.
  2. From the Main Menu, tap on [Day/Trip End]
  3. Review the transactions and totals on the 3100 Cashout screen and when ready, tap on [Finalize]
  4. On the 3110 Cashout View screen, you will now see the Cash Out Report and the Stock Depletion Report below it. Tap on [Print] to optionally print or email these reports
    Depletion Report


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