Answer: Using Pick Lists allows warehouse employees to gather the entire inventory that a route salesperson will need to deliver to fulfil the Customer Orders assigned to them. By having the route salesperson's inventory ready to be loaded onto their truck when they arrive back at the warehouse, much time is saved by being able to simply loading up the truck with the picked items and then sending the route salesperson back out onto the road. In fact, printing Pick Lists is even easier than creating the orders that they represent!

Once orders have been created in the Solid Route Accounting™ business system, but before they've been assigned to a mobile unit for delivery confirmation, the following steps will print the Pick List:

  1. In Solid Business Central™, navigate to the [Sales] screen, use the [Escape] key and answer 'Y – Yes' to the next two confirmation questions to 'Cancel this Invoice' and 'Cancel Billing'. This will change the menu along the bottom to be the 'Sales Services Menu'.
  2. From this 'Sales Services Menu', use [F5 – Pick List] and choose which Cost Center this list is to include the Customer Orders for. If choosing a specific Cost Center such as '001', for example, only Customer Orders created by or assigned to '001' will be included on this Pick List.

    NOTE:: To assign a Customer Order to a Cost Center such as '001' from within Solid Business Central™, while creating or modifying an order in the [Sales] screen, set the 'CC' field to '001', or whichever other Cost Center number the order should belong to.

  3. This will then print each Customer Order as its picklist page or 'Pick Slip'. The warehouse personnel can then use those Pick Slips to pick the orders.

    NOTE: Once a transaction has been included on a Pick List, it will not be included on future Pick List printings. Individual Customer Orders can still be reprinted as a Pick Slip though by selecting the customer in the 'Sales' screen and use [F2 - Open Bills] to view all Customer Orders for this customer. Then highlight the desired Customer Order and use [F4 - Print Slip] to be given the opportunity to reprint this order as a Pick Slip.

Pick List Sample #1
Solid Sales Pro™ Customer Order
Pick List Sample #1
Pick List Sample #2
Solid Business Central™ Customer Order
Pick List Sample #2
Solid business central

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