Description: When opening Solid Business Central™ at the start of a new month, after answering 'Y-Yes' to confirm that the date displayed is today's date, the system reports, "System shutting down … please correct system date!". Following this, another message displays, "System cannot run - Please call support! (Press any key to shut down.)"
Pressing any key then shuts down the software component.

Resolution: When the question is displayed on Solid Business Central™'s start-up asking to confirm if the date shown is today's date:

  1. Verify that the date displayed is indeed today's date. Also, check the PC's system date by clicking once on the clock on the taskbar, typically located at the very bottom right of Windows, and ensure this date and time are correct.
  2. Use the [Y] key on the keyboard to answer 'Y-Yes' to this date verification question. DO NOT use the mouse to 'click' on the 'Y' displayed, or else this message will result.
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