Answer: Once Delayed Inventory Counts have been saved and synced back into Solid Business Central™, their quantities can then be reviewed and adjusted, if needed, by an administrator.

  1. To view Delayed Counts in Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Datafile / Cost Center / View] and display the cost center that the Delayed Counts were created for.
  2. Use [F6 - Finalize] to display all open counts for this cost center, which will display a list of all inventory items available in this cost center. By using the [Tab] key to move over to the right, the columns can be seen of 'Open_cnt', 'Ttl_cnt', 'Diff', and then further to the right are all the Delayed Counts that were created. The Delayed Count columns are indicated by the count's transaction number in the format, of '001T100000' for example, for each Delayed Count that was created.
    1. Open_cnt: The quantity this item was thought to have in Solid Route Accounting™ before the Inventory Count took place.
    2. Ttl_cnt: The quantity this item actually had on hand, as counted on the Delayed Counts by the warehouse workers or route salespeople. This number is the sum of each item's quantity on all Delayed Counts for this cost center.
    3. Diff: The difference between 'Ttl_cnt' and 'Open_cnt'.
  3. Although the amount in the 'Ttl_cnt' field is the quantity that will be set for this item upon these Delayed Counts being saved as Partial or Full Counts, this value can not be directly adjusted. Instead, to change the 'Ttl_cnt' quantity, the values for this item must be adjusted within the column of one of the Delayed Count transaction numbers listed. By adjusting these quantities, the number in the 'Ttl_cnt' column will be automatically adjusted along with it.
  4. Once all the quantities are verified and adjusted if needed, use [CTRL+END] to return to the 'Cost Center Activity Window'. From the 'Options to Save Changes' menu along the bottom, choose either [F2 - Save to Count Sheets Only] to review these Delayed Counts again at a later time or [F4 - Save to Count Sheets & Finalise to Inventory] to continue and save it as a Partial or Full Count.
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