A new name symbolizes the strength and success of Solid Innovation’s route accounting solutions

PRINCE ALBERT - JULY 17, 2009 – Solid Innovation, Inc., a leading provider of route accounting software solutions, today unveiled the new unifying name of its software: Solid.

The software’s name change from ‘Si’ to ‘Solid’ is an acknowledgement of Solid Innovation’s commitment to providing proven business solutions within the route accounting industry. This initiative creates the cornerstone of Solid Innovation’s approach to its clients’ success:

  • Solid Profits: delivering superior management insight to a company’s profitability
  • Solid Growth: effectively incorporating Solid software to expand a company’s business and free up time
  • Solid Partnership: fostering relationships to ensure teamwork, dedication and results

The word ‘solid’ not only reflects Solid Innovation’s position as a benchmark for the route accounting industry, but it also reinforces the company’s commitment to maximizing clients’ efficiency, quality and ROI.

“The previous name, ‘Si’ was used as an abbreviation for our company name,” explains Craig Fisher, CEO and founder of Solid Innovation. “With the new development of our software and expansion within the route accounting industry, we needed a name that reflected what our company has to offer: solid, proven route accounting solutions where our customers receive solid support.”

The new naming has been implemented into Solid Innovation’s business materials, including its software and website. Solid innovation continues to focus on excellence by moving towards a consistent look and feel for both its products and its service to clients.

About Solid Innovation
Solid Innovation develops and delivers real-world, mission-critical software products internationally for mobile businesses within the route accounting industry. Solid Innovation’s software provides clients with the power to manage their mobile businesses with ease and confidence. For more information about Solid Innovation and its software, please visit www.solid-innovation.com.

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