How the Best Mobile POS Software for QuickBooks Helps Retail Companies Grow with Fewer Employees

Last year we witnessed some very challenging, unprecedented market disruptions within the retail arena. This year, progressive-thinking retailers are turning to the best mobile POS software for QuickBooks to maximize profits and productivity, but finding the right point of sales software for your business is easier said than done. Investing in the right mobile POS software is critical to your bottom line, and if you can find a solution that best accommodates you based on your customer’s needs and your operations, you will position yourself to not only empower your growth but also position yourself to better dominate your competition. 

Solid Order Entry™, a mobile POS software solution for QuickBooks, is known throughout Canada and the United States as providing all the necessary features making it the best option for forward-thinking retail businesses that can excel with a slimmer workforce.

Solid Order Entry™ Mobile POS for QuickBooks Enhances the Customer Experience

According to a 2017 article by Forbes titled, ‘Retail Staffing: How Much Customer Service Increases Customer Satisfaction’, the most effective customer service experience gives buyers everything they need in one location but also “less about what you sell, but how you sell it.” The article argues that products are secondary to retailer services, and the new retail paradigm is fueled by speed and accuracy, as today’s retail consumers make educated purchasing decisions and seek a fast and easy way to connect with the goods. Solid Innovation® understands this, and Solid Order Entry™ was designed with great attention to detail to support retail organizations and their customer base with all the features that matter the most for enabling the best mobile POS solution. Here are some of the benefits of Solid Order Entry™ that helps companies maximize their earnings while also improving the customer experience:

  • Eliminates Mistakes - Solid Order Entry™ enables retail shoppers to place orders reflecting exactly what they want with zero misunderstandings. This is especially helpful in combating retail losses due to retail replacement policies for improperly ordered goods.
  • Saves Associate and Customer Time - Every year, hundreds of hours are wasted by companies whose associates must make phone calls to take their order and enter it into the ERP system. Solid Order Entry™ removes this requirement. Not only does this boost productivity and create a climate for greater profits, but it also saves the customer from being trapped on a phone call.
  • Cost-Effective - You can lower employee overhead by giving your customers the ability to place orders directly, and this improves the customer experience because the customer knows exactly what he is getting with instant access to all the details.

According to a February 2019 article in the ‘Harvard Business Review’, research revealed that 48% of associates who engage in phone calls with customers when purchasing or converting is taking place feel uncomfortable, which translates to the customer. In addition, more than 75% of Americans between 18 and 54 dislike engaging on the phone to make a purchase and would instead complete the action themselves through digital means. Not only does Solid Order Entry™ stand as the best mobile POS software for Quickbooks in that it streamlines operations, but it also significantly improves the customer experience while stimulating repeat business, and it reduces the need for a larger workforce of employees. 

Solid Order Entry Mobile POS for QuickBooks

Solid Order Entry™ Mobile POS for QuickBooks Reduces Manpower by Enhancing Convenience

To offer a convenient experience for customers without using a mobile POS, there must be a series of employees from multiple departments who merge together to create an experience for customers steeped in accurate information on everything from inventory status to pricing and from financing to sales assistance. In turn, there is a cohort of associates responsible for working under or alongside each of these arms that link together to form the perfect nucleus of a flawless customer experience. Solid Order Entry™ has all of the tools in a convenient mobile POS solution for QuickBooks users that gives the customer total convenience in placing an accurate order with all the information commonly requested, and retail organizations have the freedom to keep their employee numbers below their target figure. 

Call Solid Today, and Discover How Our Mobile POS Software for QuickBooks can Foster Business Growth with Fewer Employees

Solid Order Entry™ has several customized features that can mirror solutions for specific challenges retailers face. We offer a free 35-day trial to Solid Route Accounting™, allowing retailers to test the mobile accounting software within the framework of their operations.

Call our team of experts today and discover how Solid Order Entry™ can help your organization operate at full capacity with fewer employees and without having an adverse impact on all critical customer experiences.