Valley Beverage, a Pepsi distributor and snack delivery company servicing New York State, has implemented Solid Innovation, Inc.'s Solid Route Accounting™ - Integration Edition to automate its mobile sales force operations. Valley Beverage is using Solid Route Accounting - Integration Edition across its delivery fleet to integrate with its QuickBooks accounting system to streamline operations and speed route of sales. By replacing time-consuming, manual billing processes with automated, push-button invoice synchronization, Valley Beverage has been able to reduce billing errors, improve customer service and generate new accounts without hiring additional back-office support staff.

Solid Innovation's Si Mobile Sales is a wireless order entry, invoicing and mobile inventory control solution. Order Entry, Invoicing and Received on Accounts transactions with integrated pricing and inventory control are managed on the road and seamlessly integrated with a company's existing accounting or ERP systems. Si Mobile Sales increases Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and mobile sales force productivity for distributors of all sizes by providing each driver with the tools and information needed to invoice and settle on location. As Valley Beverage moves forward, Owner William Trendell says he is already in discussions with Solid Innovation to implement a Standing Order feature designed to increase sales through a more proactive sales management approach.

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