The 24 Best Apps for Outside Sales Reps to Use in [2024]

Did you know that on average, outside sales reps close about 40% of their prospects? This impressive figure highlights the pivotal role these professionals play in driving business success. However, the landscape of sales is constantly shifting, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

For outside sales reps, staying ahead means leveraging the right technology to not only maintain but significantly enhance their performance. It's about turning potential into profit, leads into loyal customers, and challenges into triumphs.

In this article, we dive into the digital toolbox that can transform the game for outside sales reps:

  • Top mobile app recommendations for outside sales reps.

  • In-depth reviews and comparisons to help you choose wisely.

  • Practical tips to enhance your sales performance using these apps.

  • Insights into the most popular and highly-rated apps tailor-made for outside sales.

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Why is Using Apps Important for Outside Sales Reps?

In today's fast-paced business world, outside sales reps face the ongoing challenge of juggling their selling activities with other job requirements. A recent study shows that 74% of salespeople spend the majority of their time on non-selling tasks. This is where the role of sales apps becomes crucial, offering a transformative solution to effectively manage these challenges.

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Mobile apps significantly reduce the time spent on non-selling tasks like scheduling and customer data management. Automating these processes leads to a substantial productivity boost. A Salesforce report supports this, showing a 34% increase in productivity with the use of mobile CRM apps.

  • Real-Time Data Access: Having up-to-date information on products, inventory, and customer orders at their fingertips allows sales reps to make informed decisions swiftly. This is vital for improving response times and the accuracy of client communications.

  • Enhanced Customer Relationships: Relationships are the cornerstone of sales. CRM-enabled apps provide instant access to customer history and preferences, allowing for more personalized and effective sales pitches. This capability is crucial, especially considering that more than 40% of salespeople find prospecting to be the most challenging part of their job.

  • Better Time Management: Efficient route planning and scheduling are crucial for reps covering large areas or managing multiple clients. Apps help optimize travel and meeting schedules, focusing more on selling and less on logistics.

  • Competitive Advantage: By leveraging mobile sales apps, sales reps can streamline their work. It demonstrates their commitment to innovation and customer service excellence, helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Different Types of Sales Apps for Field Sales Teams

An outside sales rep may constantly seek tools that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team throughout the sales cycle. Recognizing this need, they must have a suite of tech tools that allow them to complete their job effectively.

Types of Sales Apps:

  • Sales Prospecting Apps:

    • Purpose: Aid in identifying and connecting with potential clients.

    • Benefits: Streamline the initial stages of the sales cycle.

  • Task Management Apps:

    • Function: Designed to organize and streamline daily sales activities.

    • Advantage: Helps in maintaining focus and efficiency throughout the day.

  • Sales Pipeline Management Tools:

    • Objective: Manage the sales pipeline effectively.

    • Impact: Ensure optimization at every stage of the sales process.

Navigating Sales Complexity:

  • The range of sales apps available is tailored to support field sales teams in various aspects of their roles.

  • These tools help in navigating the complexities of sales tasks, allowing for greater ease and precision in their work.

Below, we explore the various types of sales apps that are indispensable for field sales teams. These apps help them navigate the complexities of their roles with greater ease and precision.

App Name Category Key Strengths
Solid Route Accounting™ Route Accounting & Management Inventory and barcoding tools, mobile sales systems, instant feedback
Timeero Time Management Real-time location, mileage tracking, productivity analysis
InsideView Market Intelligence & Sales Prospecting Data quality management, market insights, integration capabilities
CirrusInsight Sales Communication & CRM Sales scripts creation, CRM data management, contact accessibility
Proposify Proposal Management Customizable templates, interactive proposals, detailed analytics
Badger Maps Route Planning & Optimization Route optimization, meeting notes logging, field activity reports
SPOTIO Sales Territory Management Appointment scheduling, real-time tracking, CRM integration
GlobalMeet Virtual Events & Webcasting HD streaming, interactive engagement, enterprise-grade security
Evernote Note Organization & Management Multi-device sync, comprehensive note-taking, voice-recordings
Repsly Sales Management & CRM Appointment scheduling, CRM capabilities, real-time data insights
Dragon Anywhere Voice Dictation & Transcription Fast & accurate dictation, powerful customizations, desktop integration
BeatRoute Retail Sales Enablement Easy-to-use CRM, mobile support, API integration
Chili Piper Lead Scheduling & Management Instant lead qualification, automated handoff, CRM integration
HubSpot Mobile App Comprehensive CRM & Sales Management Contact management, deal tracking, email marketing performance
ClickUp Project & Task Management Customizable workflows, collaboration tools, integration capabilities
Salesmate CRM & Sales Process Automation Contact management, deal tracking, customizable workflows
Asana Team Collaboration & Workflow Management Task management, customization options, integration capabilities
Expensify Expense Reporting & Management Automated expense management, receipt scanning, mileage tracking
Rydoo Expense Tracking & Reporting Receipt scanning, mileage tracking, expense submission
TripIt Travel Organization & Management Master itinerary, travel alerts, international travel tools
BrainShark Sales Training & Readiness Custom training courses, AI-powered analysis, readiness scorecards
SalesRabbit Field Sales Management Custom training materials, efficient route mapping, performance analytics
DocuSign Electronic Signature & Contract Management eSignature, CLM, integrations, AI and analytics
CircleBack Contact Management Automatic contact updates, unified address book, CRM integration

Top Apps for Outside Sales Teams in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape for field sales reps is more technology-driven than ever. In this constantly evolving environment, identifying the best mobile sales apps is crucial for success.

1. Solid Route Accounting™

Solid Route Accounting

Solid Route Accounting™ emerges as a standout route accounting software tailored for outside sales reps. It seamlessly blends accounting features with robust delivery management.

It provides real-time inventory updates, delivery schedules, and detailed route reporting, thereby optimizing operations and boosting customer service. Its mobile app helps sales reps enhance convenience, allowing them to manage their routes and sales more effectively on the go.

Key Features:

  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with ERP systems and accounting software like QuickBooks, ensuring a unified and streamlined experience.

  • User-Friendly Inventory Management and Barcoding Tools: Simplifies inventory tracking and management, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Mobile Sales Systems: Specifically designed for faster and more efficient route sales.

    Solid Sales Pro Create Transactions
  • Instant Feedback: Includes Stop Analysis and Trip Analysis for real-time operational insights.
    Solid Route Accounting Trip Report
  • Streamlined Order System with Solid Order Entry™: Facilitates an efficient and organized order data entry process.
    Solid Order Entry


  • Organized management of delivery and sales routes from one integrated platform

  • Offers real-time inventory updates, ensuring accurate financial records

  • Improves customer service and operational efficiency

  • User-friendly interface supported by expert technical assistance


  • Optimal performance is achieved with a reliable internet connection, ensuring consistent and accurate data transmission


  • Customized pricing available

User Review: "...We went looking for a proven DSD mobile sales solution that would enable us to speed route sales, improve customer service, integrate accounting operations, and win new business at the same time. Solid Route Accounting™ is that system."

2. Timeero

Timeero website

Timeero emerges as a highly efficient tool for outside sales reps, focusing on the crucial aspects of time and resource management. With its user-friendly interface and targeted functionalities, Timeero is dedicated to streamlining the day-to-day tasks of sales professionals, ensuring they can focus more on selling and less on administrative duties.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Location Tracking: Enables constant monitoring of sales reps' locations, enhancing management.

  • Mileage Tracking: Automates mileage logging for accurate reimbursement and expense tracking.

  • Segmented Tracking: Offers insights into the time spent with each account, promoting accountability and productivity.


  • Enhances team coordination and management

  • Simplifies expense reporting and minimizes errors

  • Boosts productivity by analyzing time allocation


  • It might not meet all the advanced needs for in-depth sales management


  • Basic: $4/user/month

  • Pro: $8/user/month

  • Premium: $11/user/month

User Review (4.5/5 rating): "Timeero is the perfect solution for our small business in many ways. Not only does Timeero help our team manage schedules and time, it aids in payroll efficiency, employee management, and much more."

3. InsideView

InsideView website

InsideView stands out as a powerful sales prospecting tool for outside sales reps, providing a wealth of data and insights. It’s designed to enhance engagement with prospects and improve sales performance by offering accurate, up-to-date information on companies and contacts.

This app is great for reps looking to deepen their market knowledge and sharpen their sales strategies.

Key Features:

  • Data Quality Management: Keeps accounts, contacts, and leads consistently clean and updated.

  • Market Expansion: Aids in discovering new markets for business growth.

  • Accurate Data Insights: Delivers precise data for effective buyer engagement.

  • Integration Flexibility: Seamlessly integrates with other applications, enhancing overall functionality.


  • Provides comprehensive and current company information, streamlining research efforts

  • Enhances engagement with prospects through accurate and insightful data visualization

  • Integrations allow you to bring all data within one platform


  • Some regions may experience delays in data updates, potentially impacting information accuracy


  • Custom pricing available

User Review (4.5/5 rating): "InsideView is a great product to some basic competitive information of an account. It provides financial information of an organization, recent mergers and acquisitions, historical data..."

4. CirrusInsight

CirrusInsight website

CirrusInsight is a comprehensive sales organization app that's transforming the way outside sales reps operate. It's designed to boost productivity by offering essential tools for managing sales scripts, tracking progress, and ensuring CRM data accuracy.

This app is a valuable asset for reps looking to streamline their sales process and enhance communication efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Sales Scripts Creation: Assists in crafting effective sales scripts to confidently handle objections.

  • CRM Data Management: Keeps CRM data accurate and up-to-date, aiding in efficient deal closures.

  • Contact Accessibility: Ensures easy access to vital contacts and information for successful sales interactions.


  • Facilitates efficient creation of sales scripts for improved communication strategies

  • Maintains CRM data accuracy, leading to more informed and strategic decision-making

  • Offers easy access to crucial contacts and information, essential for successful sales meetings


  • The sync process can be time-consuming, making it challenging to capture information quickly


  • Pricing available upon request

User Review (4.2/5 rating): "What I like best is how Cirrus Insight seamlessly integrates with the other applications I often use to log data on the clients and customers most relevant to my business dealings!"

5. Proposify

Proposify website

Proposify is an innovative proposal software that is changing the way outside sales reps handle the closing stage of the sales cycle. Focusing on streamlining the proposal creation process, this app offers a suite of features such as customizable templates, a centralized content library, interactive elements, and detailed analytics, all aimed at enhancing proposal quality and engagement.

Key Features:

  • Template Library: Offers a wide range of customizable proposal templates suitable for various business needs.

  • Content Management: Features a centralized content library for quick access to pre-approved content and snippets.

  • Interactive Proposals: Allows the creation of engaging proposals with interactive pricing, e-signatures, and multimedia elements.

  • Analytics: Provides deep insights into how prospects interact with proposals, aiding in informed follow-up strategies.


  • Streamlines the proposal creation process, saving time and enhancing efficiency

  • Interactive features in proposals increase client engagement and response rates

  • Offers detailed analytics for a better understanding of prospect behaviours and needs


  • Limited compatibility with Microsoft Word, particularly in editing features, may pose challenges

  • Prolonged usage or extensive edits can lead to font customization issues, occasionally requiring a platform restart


  • Tall: $19/month per user

  • Grande: $49/month per user

  • Venti: Pricing is available upon contacting the sales department

User Review (4.7/5): "Proposify makes my proposals look professional and easy to track. The tool itself is great, but the customer support team is even better. They are available to help anytime and are knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with."

6. Badger Maps

Badger Maps website

Badger Maps stands as an all-encompassing field sales app specifically tailored to elevate the work of outside sales professionals. It's a comprehensive solution aimed at increasing revenue and saving time by automating various tasks such as route optimization, lead generation, client data visualization, meeting notes logging, and generating detailed field activity reports.

Key Features:

  • Route Optimization: Enables efficient planning of routes, handling over 100 stops for travel optimization.

  • Lead Generation: Aids in generating leads and visualizing client data for strategic sales approaches.

  • Meeting Notes Logging: Simplifies the process of recording meeting notes, ensuring accurate tracking of interactions.

  • Field Activity Reports: Offers detailed reports on field activities, providing insights for performance analysis.


  • Saves time and boosts efficiency with optimized travel routes

  • Assists in lead generation and client data visualization for targeted sales efforts

  • Eases the process of logging meeting notes for better organization and follow-up

  • Delivers valuable performance insights through detailed field activity reports


  • Initial setup can be time-consuming for those with a large client database

  • Dependence on Internet connectivity for functionality


  • Business: $58/month

  • Enterprise: $95/month

User Review (4.7/5 rating): "This sales mapping app is incredibly easy to use and has made my job more enjoyable. It streamlines my workflow, allowing me to focus on selling."


SPOTIO website

SPOTIO is reshaping the landscape of field sales software, offering a dynamic and feature-rich platform for field sales reps. As an on-demand career tool, it empowers sales teams to reach their full potential, streamlining processes and boosting productivity.

Key features like advanced appointment scheduling, real-time sales rep tracking, and seamless CRM integrations make SPOTIO a powerful ally in the quest to maximize annual revenue.

Key Features:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Facilitates easy scheduling of meetings, note-sharing, and visual appointment tracking on a map.

  • Sales Rep Tracking: Offers real-time location tracking for increased accountability and insightful data.

  • Territory and Customer Mapping: Allows for the creation of custom territories with specific permissions.

  • CRM Integrations: Seamlessly updates CRM software with field notes and activities.

  • Route Planning: Enhances efficiency with optimized sales routes.

  • Custom Reporting: Delivers actionable insights tailored to sales team needs.


  • Simplifies meeting scheduling and ensures better organization through map integration

  • Automates CRM updates, saving time and reducing errors

  • Optimizes sales routes to maximize efficiency and coverage

  • Generates customized reports offering valuable insights for sales strategy development


  • There can be slight delays in the appearance of logged visits and data updates

  • Territory management view can be hard to navigate


  • Pricing available on demand

User Review (4.5/5 rating): "Spotio is a great tool for when you are out generating leads. The most helpful thing for me is the interface you are presented with when collecting a potential client's information."

8. GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet website

GlobalMeet is a comprehensive webcasting and virtual events platform, perfect for businesses looking to conduct high-impact and engaging virtual events. It has become the go-to platform for any sales rep seeking to elevate their virtual interactions, presentations, video calls, and phone calls.

With its commitment to enterprise-grade security and customizable branding options, GlobalMeet solidifies its position as a top choice for managing large-scale virtual events and dynamic online interactions.

Key Features:

  • HD Video Streaming: Ensures high-quality live webcasts with global scalability.

  • On-Demand Viewing: Offers cloud storage for recording and hosting webcasts, available for on-demand access.

  • Interactive Audience Engagement: Enhances audience participation with features like polling, Q&A, and social media integration.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Provides robust network security with password protection and authentication.


  • Delivers professional and engaging HD video streaming for live webcasts

  • Interactive tools boost audience participation and engagement in virtual events

  • Robust security features ensure data protection and privacy

  • Offers extensive options for custom branding, maintaining brand consistency across events


  • Some features may have extended launch times and lack definitive rollout dates

  • The platform currently does not include a built-in whiteboarding function


  • Custom pricing available

User Review (4.2/5 rating): "GlobalMeet has been our partner for over 12 years, providing webcasting services for our Virtual Meeting platform. Their scale and accountability have been outstanding, awarding our business the capabilities to scale through the global pandemic."

9. Evernote

Evernote website

Evernote has established itself as a crucial note-taking app for outside sales reps who value organization and efficiency in their daily routines. Whether it's compiling comprehensive notes, managing schedules, or recording key meetings and ideas, Evernote ensures that sales professionals stay connected and prepared, no matter where their work takes them.

Key Features:

  • Note-Taking: A versatile platform for capturing and organizing notes, images, and web clippings.

  • To-Do Lists: An effective tool for managing tasks and schedules.

  • Voice recordings: Convenient for recording meetings, presentations, and spontaneous ideas.

  • Multi-Device Sync: Ensures that all files and notes are accessible across various devices.


  • Seamless access to notes and files on multiple devices, enhancing workflow continuity

  • Comprehensive note-taking capabilities for efficient information capture and organization

  • Effective task management with to-do list features

  • Handy app for voice recording and capturing important conversations and ideas


  • Users may experience slow performance and lag

  • The app has limited options for importing or exporting content


  • Personal: $14.99/month

  • Professional: $17.99/month

User Review (4.4/5 rating): "I was able to access it across all platforms and devices. I was able to create notes needed at a moment's notice when traveling. I liked Shortcuts and I still like that I can hold sensitive information in there as a backup."

10. Repsly

Repsly website

Repsly stands out as a highly specialized sales app for outside sales reps, designed to enhance efficiency in sales management, customer interactions, and data tracking. Repsly equips users with advanced tools to manage their day-to-day activities more effectively, enabling reps to enhance overall sales productivity and customer relations.

Key Features:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Facilitates easy and efficient scheduling and management of client appointments.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enables the maintenance of detailed customer journeys and tracking of interactions for tailored sales strategies.

  • Route Optimization: Streamlines sales routes for maximum time efficiency and productivity.

  • Real-Time Data Insights: Provides access to real-time analytics for tracking sales performance and guiding strategic decisions.


  • Simplifies and streamlines the scheduling and management of client appointments

  • Offers robust CRM tools for in-depth customer profile management and interaction tracking

  • Aids in optimizing sales routes, saving time, and enhancing productivity

  • Delivers valuable real-time analytics to effectively monitor and improve sales performance


  • Some users find the back-office functions to be somewhat clunky and disorganized

  • The app has a limitation, allowing scheduling for only up to 25 locations per day


  • Custom pricing available

User Review (4.3/5 rating): "I really enjoy how streamlined the whole platform is when completing my daily tasks for work. I like how we are able to not only help our BMPs to collect data but it gives us a way to better communicate our thoughts, opinions, & concerns while out in the field to make the most out of our visits."

11. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere website

Dragon Anywhere has emerged as a game-changer for outside sales reps, offering a professional-grade dictation app that significantly enhances productivity. This app stands out for its ability to allow continuous dictation of documents without any length or time limits, making it an invaluable tool for creating, editing, formatting, and sharing documents directly from mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Fast & Accurate Dictation: Offers immediate dictation with a 99% recognition accuracy rate.

  • No Time or Length Limits: Users can dictate documents of any length, free from restrictions.

  • Powerful Customizations: Ability to add industry-specific words for more accurate transcription and create voice commands to streamline processes.

  • Synchronize with Desktop Solutions: Provides seamless integration with supported Dragon desktop solutions for continuity in work processes.


  • Ensures fast and accurate dictation, significantly boosting efficiency

  • Freedom to dictate documents of any length, accommodating a wide range of needs

  • Customizable features improve transcription accuracy and enhance overall workflow efficiency

  • Easy synchronization with desktop solutions for a unified working experience


  • Dependence on an internet connection for cloud-based speech recognition, potentially limiting use in areas with poor connectivity


  • Monthly: $15

  • Yearly: $150

User Review (4/5 rating): "It helps with making notes more complete and improves efficiency. Without Dragon I would be typing up notes way longer and probably get a work-hour violation without it. It is truly a game-changer."

12. BeatRoute

BeatRoute website

BeatRoute is an innovative enterprise sales enablement platform specifically designed to elevate the capabilities of retail brands. It excels in empowering sales teams and managing channels collaboratively, providing a comprehensive solution for executing effective sales strategies and driving success in the retail sector.

This platform is particularly adept at reaching potential customers, offering tools to optimize routes. Its mobile app ensures accessibility and convenience for sales teams on the move.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Use CRM: Streamlines customer relationship management for field teams.

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA): Enhances sales efficiency through process automation.

  • Mobile Device Support: Fully accessible on Android, iPad, and iPhone, supporting sales activities on the go.

  • API Integration: Provides API support for easy integration with other applications like Zapier and Google Maps.


  • Offers tailored features and capabilities for the retail industry

  • Ensures flexibility and accessibility across multiple mobile platforms

  • Integration with various applications allows streamlined workflows and enhanced functionality


  • Limited mobile-based customizations

  • Lack of dashboard features for quick information access and insights


  • Hygiene Pack: $8.5/user/month

  • Business Pack: $12.5/user/month

  • Custom Enterprise Pack

User Review (4.3/5 rating): "With BeatRoute, we were able to equip our field sales team with an application used in opening accounts, visiting existing accounts (visible in map), encoding of customers in real-time, and recording customer feedback for a better customer experience."

13. Chili Piper

Chili Piper website

Chili Piper emerges as a vital inbound lead conversion and scheduling app, changing the way sales teams engage with and convert inbound leads. It streamlines the process of qualifying, routing, and scheduling leads from various channels, significantly increasing the number of meetings booked and enhancing pipeline creation.

Key Features:

  • Concierge Booking: Allows leads to instantly book a meeting or start a live call after filling out a web form.

  • Instant Lead Qualification: Rapidly qualifies, routes, and books leads from diverse channels.

  • Automated Handoff Process: Ensures efficient lead management through seamless handoff between sales reps.

  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with existing marketing and sales automation software.


  • Facilitates immediate lead qualification and scheduling, accelerating the conversion process

  • Offers seamless integration with existing marketing and sales tools, ensuring a smooth setup

  • Automates lead routing and handoff, enhancing team efficiency and coordination

  • Contributes to a significant increase in the number of meetings booked, boosting revenue


  • Front-end processes can run slowly, not be ideal for fast-paced sales environments

  • Limited ability to select specific data for download along with cluttered reports


  • Instant Booker: $15/user/month

  • Handoff: $25/user/month

  • Form Concierge: $30/user/month

  • Distro: $30/user/month

User Review (4.6/5 rating): "Chili Piper is smart, easy to implement, and impacts our business even when we're closed for the night. With Chili Piper, I'm confident that demos booked on our website are properly routed and will convert better than our previous methods."

14. HubSpot Mobile App

HubSpot Mobile App website

The HubSpot Mobile App stands as a comprehensive CRM platform perfectly suited for outside sales reps who require efficient management of customer interactions and sales cycles.

It offers essential features like contact management, deal tracking, and real-time notifications, all of which aim to keep sales reps organized and responsive and ensure they are well-equipped to close deals effectively, no matter their location.

Key Features:

  • Contact Management: Easily access detailed customer contact records and recent interactions from any location.

  • Deal Tracking: Keep tabs on deals and sales tasks, with the ability to add notes, activities, or tasks for comprehensive deal management.

  • Email Marketing Performance: Evaluate the effectiveness of email campaigns with in-depth analytics, helping to identify and nurture new leads.


  • Enables access to customer records and sales processes from anywhere, ensuring constant connectivity

  • Real-time notifications alert users to important events, keeping them informed and responsive

  • Customizable digest feature to monitor overall sales and marketing performance

  • The redesigned interface enhances the overall user experience, making it more intuitive


  • Customer support responsiveness can sometimes be delayed

  • Navigating the app's extensive features and learning curve can be challenging


  • Free Tools

  • Starter: $18/month

  • Professional: $1600/month

User Review (4.4/5 rating): "HubSpot is really helpful as this is the only tool we are using and all client's info is there already. I can work efficiently, and it's user-friendly as you don't need to learn the tool deeply. It is really an ideal tool for various businesses."

15. ClickUp

ClickUp website

ClickUp has rapidly become a favorite among outside sales reps looking for a versatile project management tool to enhance their sales operations. It's designed to streamline tasks, manage projects effectively, and boost productivity, offering an array of features like efficient task management, collaborative tools, and customizable workflows.

Key Features:

  • Task Management: Streamlines organization and prioritization of tasks to meet sales goals.

  • Collaboration Tools: Enhances teamwork and communication within the sales team.

  • Customizable Workflows: Allows sales processes to be tailored to specific needs and preferences.


  • Comprehensive project management features specifically tailored to improve sales operations

  • Promotes effective collaboration and communication within sales teams

  • Offers flexible integration with other apps and tools, creating a more complete sales management solution


  • Filtering functionality occasionally presents challenges, impacting project management efficiency

  • Initial learning curve due to extensive features, though it becomes highly useful with familiarity


  • Free Forever

  • Unlimited: $7/user/month

  • Business: $12/user/month

  • Enterprise: Custom rates available

User Review (4.7/5 rating): "One spot for project management for ALL my tasks associated with my business and CLIENTS. ClickUp has reduced the noise in my inbox by allowing me to have client portals where 95% of client communication is housed."

16. Salesmate

Salesmate website

Salesmate stands as one of the best sales apps, offering a versatile and user-centric CRM solution expertly crafted to meet the unique demands of outside sales representatives. By enhancing customer interactions and streamlining sales processes, Salesmate is an essential tool for sales reps looking to optimize their operations.

This app aids in closing deals and managing leads more effectively, driving success through effective relationship management and strategic sales execution.

Key Features:

  • Contact Management: Easy access to detailed customer contact records and interactions, available from any location.

  • Deal Tracking: Efficient monitoring of deals and sales tasks, with the ability to add notes and activities for comprehensive management.

  • Customizable Workflows: Adapt workflows to fit specific sales processes and goals.


  • Streamlines time-consuming tasks like data entry for efficient sales operations

  • Enables workflow customization to meet specific sales process requirements

  • Provides flexibility in integrating with other applications, enhancing the overall sales solution


  • Lack of a free version could be a limitation for some users

  • Customer support is limited to business hours, which may not suit all user needs


  • Basic: $23/user/month

  • Pro: $39/user/month

  • Business: $63/user/month

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

User Review (4.6/5 rating): "It helps you to connect with all customer touchpoints and have insightful conversations with 360-degree context about each customer, account, and deal closures. It also helps to create custom dashboards, email templates, and do the sequencing automatically to run your campaigns."

17. Asana

Asana website

Asana has established itself as an indispensable task management app for outside sales reps, offering a collaborative platform that excels in managing tasks, workflows, and projects.

While it extends beyond the realm of traditional project management software, its versatility in tracking work and assisting in task delegation makes it a top choice for sales teams looking to make their life easier and boost productivity through enhanced collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Task Management: Efficiently organizes and prioritizes tasks to align with sales goals.

  • Collaboration Tools: Enhances teamwork and communication among team members.

  • Personalized Workflows: Adapts workflows to specific sales processes and requirements.


  • A feature-rich free plan that supports unlimited teams, projects, messaging, and more

  • Highly versatile and adaptable to various business sizes, industries, and management methodologies

  • User-friendly design with easy navigation and customization options, enhancing the user experience


  • The mobile app may offer limited functionality compared to the desktop version

  • There might be a learning curve in implementing Asana effectively


  • Personal: Free

  • Starter: $10.99/user/month

  • Advanced: $24.99/user/month

User Review (4.3/5 rating): "I love the ability to give myself deadlines! Not only can I keep everything in order, but Asana will remind me when it's time for me to act on items. This helps me keep priorities in order."

18. Expensify

Expensify website

Expensify stands out as an essential expense management tool for outside sales reps. It automates the entire process of spending management for individuals and companies alike. It simplifies crucial tasks such as expense tracking, receipt scanning, mileage tracking, and expense submission and approval, making it a go-to solution for sales professionals on the move.

Key Features:

  • Receipt Scanning: Allows for easy scanning and uploading of receipts directly from your phone.

  • Mileage Tracking: Accurately tracks mileage for business trips and reimbursements.

  • Expense Submission: Enables seamless submission of expenses within the platform for approval.

  • Integration Capabilities: Integrates effortlessly with accounting programs like Xero and Intuit QuickBooks.


  • Offers a user-friendly interface, both on the web and mobile, for ease of use

  • Fully automates the expense management process, saving valuable time and reducing effort

  • Streamlines the approval workflow, making the process smooth and efficient

  • Globally accessible, catering to individuals and companies of all sizes


  • Occasional errors in auto-scanning receipts require manual correction, which can be somewhat frustrating

  • Payments to linked cards may experience delays in posting, temporarily limiting fund accessibility


  • Collect: $5/user/month

  • Control: $9/user/month

User Review (4.5/5): "It is super easy to input expenses or mileage, and I like how it's easy to see the sign-off progress across all claims on one easy page. Much more simpler than previous systems I have had to use."

19. Rydoo

Rydoo website

Rydoo emerges as a comprehensive and versatile expense management software, widely favored by businesses and organizations for its efficiency. It's particularly useful for outside sales reps, simplifying the entire process of expense tracking, receipt scanning, mileage tracking, and streamlining the journey from receipt to accounting.

Key Features:

  • Receipt Scanning: Allows for quick scanning and uploading of receipts, facilitating efficient expense tracking.

  • Mileage Tracking: Accurately tracks mileage for business trips.

  • Expense Submission: Enables seamless submission of expenses within the platform for approval.

  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with accounting programs like Xero and Intuit QuickBooks.


  • Boasts a user-friendly, clean, and easy-to-navigate interface

  • Automates the expense management process, significantly saving time and reducing manual effort

  • Versatile deployment options including SaaS, Cloud, or Web-Based

  • Offers multilingual support, catering to a global user base


  • The mobile app may have certain limitations, particularly when uploading receipts from the phone's photo library


  • Essentials: €8/user/month

  • Pro: €10/user/month

  • Business/Enterprise: Custom pricing

User Review (4.4/5): "Rydoo is a real-time expense management tool which is easy to implement and set up. It is easy to use and a perfect tool for automating and keeping track of expenses."

20. TripIt

TripIt website

TripIt has established itself as a highly efficient travel management app, exceptionally beneficial for outside sales reps who frequently travel. It streamlines the organization and tracking of travel plans, making it a great app for managing complex itineraries and staying on top of travel schedules.

Key Features:

  • Master Itinerary: Consolidates all travel plans into a single, organized itinerary.

  • Calendar Sync: Synchronizes travel plans with your preferred online calendar.

  • Document Storage: Provides a secure place to store and access essential travel documents.

  • Travel Alerts: Delivers timely alerts for flight changes, hotel bookings, and car rentals.

  • Point Tracker: Track performance and miles across various programs.

  • Nearby Places: Offers suggestions for nearby amenities like restaurants, clinics, gas stations, and more.

  • International Travel Tools: Includes helpful resources for international travel, such as a currency converter and embassy information.


  • Provides real-time updates and alerts for travel changes and disruptions

  • Saves time with automated notifications and alerts

  • Offers cost-saving features by helping maximize travel rewards and monitoring for fare refunds


  • Primarily focused on travel management, without additional functionalities for broader sales or business management

  • Users may have privacy concerns regarding the storage of sensitive travel information within the app


  • TripIt is available in a free version with essential features and a Pro version priced at $49 per year, offering additional advanced features.

User Review (4.7/5 rating): "The app is light, the information is specific and relevant, I don't waste time trying to find the information that matters, I also can see the information of past travels and that's very important for me."

21. BrainShark

BrainShark website

BrainShark is a robust sales enablement and readiness platform specifically designed to empower sales managers with the tools needed to prepare their teams effectively. This innovative solution empowers sales managers to develop and refine their teams' skills through advanced training and coaching tools.

With BrainShark, sales managers can effectively elevate their team's performance, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the dynamic challenges of the sales environment.

Key Features:

  • Custom Training Courses: Facilitates the creation of tailored training programs for sales reps.

  • CRM Integration: Aligns training with CRM systems for effective tracking and result measurement.

  • Sales Coaching Activities: Assesses readiness and allows reps to practice and hone their skills.

  • AI-Powered Analysis: Utilizes AI to analyze recordings and provide detailed communication skill insights.

  • Readiness Scorecards: Offers individual skill assessments and progress tracking.


  • Provides customized training courses addressing the specific needs of sales reps

  • CRM integration enables effective tracking of training impact on sales performance

  • Sales coaching activities offer a safe environment for skill development and practice

  • AI-powered analysis delivers valuable feedback for personalized improvement strategies


  • Potential privacy concerns with recorded data and AI analysis


  • Custom pricing available

User Review (4.4/5 rating): "The Brainshark team is accommodating and always willing to jump in and help out with any email I send them (and it is a lot of emails). The program seems to be getting more attention and updates, and we are excited to continue to grow with Brainshark."

22. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit website

SalesRabbit is a comprehensive field sales management platform crafted to optimize the sales journey from lead to close. It amplifies the efficiency and productivity of outside sales teams, offering a suite of tools and features tailored to the field sales environment.

Key Features:

  • Custom Training Courses: Develop tailored training materials for effective onboarding and skill enhancement.

  • Sales Route Planner: Strategically map out optimal sales routes, maximizing time and resources for lead visits.

  • Performance Analytics: Generate data-driven insights to refine sales strategies and boost performance.

  • Lead Management: Efficiently track and manage leads throughout the sales cycle, from assignment to nurturing.


  • DataGrid AI leverages machine learning to identify high-potential opportunities and ideal customers

  • Digital Contracts streamline the sales process with customizable digital contracts and e-signatures

  • Gamification elements enhance engagement and accountability with competitions, rewards, and coaching


  • Occasional delays in real-time updates, sometimes requiring logouts for resolution

  • Performance issues in areas with bad reception, impacting usability


  • SalesRabbit Lite: $0/user

  • SalesRabbit Team: $29/user/month

  • SalesRabbit Pro: $39/user/month

  • SalesRabbit Enterprise: custom pricing

User Review (4.5/5 rating): "I love the ability to see clients that have been talked to, have declined, have been inspected, are under contract, or just hate solicitors. The ability to mark your contacts with a variety of options, not only helps you keep track, but helps your team."

23. DocuSign

DocuSign website

DocuSign is an exceptional sales closing electronic signature solution specifically designed to streamline the contract signing process for outside sales reps. This tool enables quick and efficient deal closures, making it invaluable in the fast-paced sales environment.

Key Features:

  • eSignature: Send and sign agreements securely from any location.

  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM): Automates the entire agreement process from creation to execution.

  • AI and Analytics: Leverages AI for faster searches and uncovering opportunities.

  • Reduce Business Risks: Improves visibility and compliance throughout the contract process.


  • Enables on-the-spot contract signing, reducing the need for multiple meetings

  • Reduces paper usage and associated costs like printing and filing

  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM systems for efficient data management

  • Utilizes AI and analytics to support smarter decision-making


  • Limited customization for specific branding or workflow needs

  • Workflow bottlenecks can occur with certain software integrations


  • Personal: $10/month

  • Standard: $25/month per user

  • Business Pro: $40/month per user

User Review (4.5/5 rating): "The best part of DocuSign is how fast and easy it makes sending multiple documents for signature at the same time. Being able to put a signature and date icon on various fields instantaneously has saved us so much time."

24. CircleBack

CircleBack website

CircleBack is an advanced address book manager that caters specifically to the needs of outside sales reps. It streamlines contact management by intelligently updating contacts, discovering new ones in inboxes, managing duplicates, and enabling easy scanning and saving of business cards. This tool ensures that sales reps always have a current and unified address book across all their devices.

Key Features:

  • Duplicate Contact Management: Merges and manages duplicate contacts for a tidy address book.

  • New Contact Discovery: Finds new contacts from email signatures in various email platforms.

  • Contact Grouping: Allows the organization of contacts into different categories for easy access.

  • Unified Address Book: Imports and synchronizes contacts from multiple platforms.

  • Contact Sync: Keeps contacts synchronized across all devices and platforms.

  • OCR Business Card Scanning: Utilizes top-tier OCR technology for accurate business card scanning.


  • Automatically keeps contact information updated

  • Maintains a unified and organized address book across devices

  • Facilitates seamless integration with popular CRM systems

  • Efficiently scans and saves new contacts from business cards


  • Potential concerns regarding data privacy and security


  • Individual: $20.83/month

  • Team: $25/month

User Review (5/5 rating): "Helps me keep track of action items after sales calls and remember what I said in case I forget in a future call."

Looking to Streamline Sales Route Accounting™?

As we wrap up our exploration of the best apps for outside sales reps in 2024, it's clear that the right technological tools can make a world of difference. With a variety of apps at your disposal, you can tackle every aspect of the sales process more effectively.

Here are the key takeaways to remember:

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover diverse app types suited for field sales reps

  • Leverage the power of sales prospecting apps to connect with potential customers efficiently

  • Utilize task management apps to streamline your day and focus on closing deals

  • Optimize your sales routes and schedule with an innovative mobile sales app

  • Use real-time data and analytics for strategic decision-making and insights

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