Inventory Management

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When new or existing companies begin using Solid Route Accounting™ business systems, some may feel that at that time, starting proper inventory management is 'not right for them'. As time draws on, they may think that implementing inventory management becomes more and more challenging to start. Thankfully, this is not the case. Inventory management is nearly as easy for a 10-year-old Solid Route Accounting™ company to implement as it is for a brand new company! This is because, in both situations, the process is still the same: Count all on-hand inventory.

This complete and full inventory count is often the roadblock that most companies see as a daunting task. Yes, it is a bit of work to accomplish, however as you'll read below, this doesn't have to be the weekend-long, time-consuming process that you might think it is. In fact, by following the suggestions in this guide, you'll find that your route salespeople will have very little extra work to do to implement inventory management but will be able to see the positive results right away.

How can Inventory Management benefit your company? Do any of the following apply?

  • Monitor inventory slippage, including theft.
  • Know what's where at any given time, including what's on the trucks.
  • Complete stops faster and look more professional by not having to double-check if items still exist in the truck.
  • Make route salespeople accountable for their inventory.
  • Closely monitor product returns and spoilage.
  • Allow route salespeople to know if there are still some quantities 'back at the warehouse' for sold-out items while on the road

If you'd like to see improvement in any of those areas, and more, then inventory management is right for your company!

For a printable version of this guide, download the Solid Inventory Management Guide.

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